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04/21/09 01:47 AM

Anyway you need a license for that which you better go get there CRAPMASTER! You ain't even legal LOL

04/21/09 01:46 AM

Dude I been saying Horn Pond, It's not...I'm a tard. It's Johnís Pond in Mashpee. Horn Pond is near my house so I was brain farting the name. Birthday party for extended family, dude says I know where we can catch some carp, (cuz I'm talking about Friday) I say my pole's in the car and away we go. Next thing I know, tap, tap, tap, I'm like oh s***, what did I do? My license was right on my hat. Blah blah blah corn I'm like nu uh but anyway left. So it's just these catch and release mandate areas. But did you see we can shoot with spears and bow and arrow and s***. LOL WTF?

04/21/09 01:39 AM

Hey though check this s*** out...when there near the surface...

Spears, Bow and Arrows - May be used to take suckers, carp and eels only. Fishing license required.

Can't be catch and release area. obviously

04/21/09 01:38 AM

Any catch and release areas bro...
Horn Pond

(2) Catch and Release Areas.

(a) The following general requirements shall pertain to all catch-and-release fishing areas. All fish caught must be released. Fishing allowed with artificial lures only. The use of natural or artificial baits such as worms, shiners or other live bait, cheese, corn, or salmon or other fish eggs is prohibited. Fish in possession in any catch-and-release area is prima facie evidence of a violation of 321 CMR 4.01(2). Catch-and-release fishing areas are named in 321 CMR 4.01(2)(b) to (j). Surprised

04/19/09 05:13 PM

Thanks for the info..I'll put the Charles on my "to fish" list this year. In the meantime, let me know in advance if/when you go carping. Perhaps we can meet up.

04/15/09 07:34 PM

Cool..Sounds like I'm good to go.

Have you fished the Charles? If so, whereabouts would you recommend?

04/14/09 10:36 PM

Hi Jason, I just uploaded a vid that u have to check out! Happy fishing! LOL, Jeff

04/12/09 08:00 PM

What gear do you use?

I have a 7ft medium/heavy action rod with 12-25lb line. I'm wondering if will suffice.

What size hooks do you typically use?

04/12/09 07:49 PM

Hey Jason,

Thanks very much for all the information. That's very good to know about the corn. So, it sounds like they'll eat almost anything as long as they can smell it, yes?

I've only going canoeing in the Charles but I've never fished it.

04/10/09 09:02 PM

Hi Guys - I matted this picture for Dave O. It's a service I'd like to give all MA Fish Finder members. I'm disabled and am always looking for something to do. If you want a picture done, it's free, just send your name and address to retired1950@usa.com or you can send it as a private message. If you like the idea pass the word around. Post your picture on your profile page and call it "For Don"
Take Care,
Don Bolduc

04/06/09 03:12 PM

no i have'nt but after reading some of the post's a'm looking to learn or try.

04/05/09 03:32 AM

welcome i see your from n.h. what town.i do a lot of fishing in southern n.h. i see from your posts you also fish ma. hope 2009 is a great year for all.i'm addicted !!

04/04/09 03:07 PM

i see you have been to hubbards river in otis.
can you tell me anything about calico fishing there as they were listed as being there.any info would be helpfull as i have never been there and would like to give it a try.i have been to otis res. afew times but that was a while ago.sounds interesting and could be worth the ride from norfolk ct.

03/21/09 11:11 AM

hampton river you should of called me i live 2 mins from there

03/21/09 11:10 AM

hey let me know when your ready to fish

03/07/09 11:38 AM

yes... trying to head up to the lamprey and the area for some good river trout

03/05/09 11:08 AM

Got all your messages brother. Glad to be here and sorry about the ice-fishing thing. It was spur of the moment. Donny invited me out wth his brother in law. I caught a fat ass perch they caught squat! Dying for the warmer weather. It's hard for me to get away most days while the kids are in school. I only have from 9-1:30 usually cuz I gotta be here for 2:30 to get them. They have been being trained in the art of shut up and fish for a while now so they will be coming with this year once out of school. Lots of good fishing out this way. Come down anytime brother, you have never even seen my place. As far as the fishing trip this summer I am down for sure but you two have to remember my wedding is August 29th so I won't have lots of free time towards the end of the summer so plan it for early summer like June, and make sure its cheap cuz I am broke.

03/02/09 11:10 AM

Hello Friends, I hope we can talk fishing soon, It won"t be long now when the Vermont fishing season will start, We will all be on the water not on our pc, Can"t wait to be at the Hydro for another
season of fishing, Maybe this will be the year for the record Browntrout, I know its swimming around
down there, Michael

02/12/09 09:27 AM

Hello thank you for the add. I use to live in Derry Nh and Manchester not too long ago. Manchester was 2005 and Derry maybe a little further back. Great pics by the way.

I caught a 15 lb carp on the Merrimack when I went there with my grandfather for the first time. He laughed along with other fisherman as I fought with it and it won. It pulled me right into the river. Lol, Jan

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