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07/09/09 12:36 AM

sorry about the mwssage it was late, there were beers, and i was all jazzed up about carp, never saw the fish, so i youtubed carp, and wow is that cool! i figure ask the best ,ie trophy. i live in pembroke, s. shore. do they eat live bait> tips for fakebait let me know. thanks steve

07/07/09 03:10 PM

ok thanks and i dunt know how to tie hair rigs, but i know what they are just not where to buy them at besides online

07/06/09 10:04 AM

hey how u been?? i got a question when ever you get the time... is carp fishing good around 6-9 am, becuase i found aa spot where i seen some monster carp, but i can't fish there during the day only in the morning, and when i seen these carp people where throwing fries in the water so they where just sitten next to a dock eating them,, do you think they stay near that dock if people trow alot of food for them there on a regular basis, and what kind of baits do you think would be good if they where eating french fries??? ps. i heard of a carp being caught there weighing almost 40 lbs. close to the NJ state record of 47 lbs.... wlll any way any advise would be awsome thanks

07/02/09 04:17 PM

Have a great holiday weekend!!! Be safe on or near the water, wear a PFD and keep the booze at home!!

07/02/09 01:19 AM

need tips on carp fishin and locations. thanks , steve

06/24/09 04:44 PM

Hey guys just added some pics...come check them out

06/21/09 01:22 PM

Happy Fathers Day to all who are lucky enough to have beautiful children!!!!

06/19/09 10:00 PM

so how'd you do on your trip? was any of my info usefull ? let me know

06/10/09 09:00 AM

FYI....as of june 15th connecticut salt water fishing license required $10 .....Good for ct ,mass, and ri, but not n.y. not required for party boats

05/20/09 10:51 PM

okay , if you have a delorme map book that is key to finding most of the spots. .. just look for roadways that pass over the river.. without this book.... its like shooting blanks at a big target.... i know right off the mind that exit 27 28 26 24 31 have some nice places . . . . ... another nice river to fish is the lovell river.... its off of rt.16 in ossipee ..... locate the pizza barn on16 and the road right across from it "pine hill rd" go all the way up that and its a sweet spot right after the fork in the road . . .. the ayers dam for the pemi is excell for the trout & salmon but heavily gaurded if you want to get ballsy go all the way up to the vermont border and fish the conn river by this time you are about minutes away from the border there is alot of area for you to cover i cant see you fishing all these spots in only a coouple of days but it is all good fishin' bro good luck

05/19/09 09:06 AM

Hey everyone its fishing season again!!!! I just need to ask who here if any besides me catch and release the larger fish we catch??? I believe they have earned the right to grow larger lol!!!!

05/18/09 11:29 PM

Well I'll be in Maine at least once and maybe twice this Summer, I went to school up there and this is a reunion year. I also have a buddy up there who I visit from time to time for some fishing, so hey you never know!!!!

05/18/09 11:09 PM

Well fella's , I've got the next 2 and a half months off form work. My place of business is undegoing renovations, so......... anybody wanna go fishing?

05/16/09 12:39 PM

ok give me a few days to get the spots for you

05/16/09 11:18 AM

yes almost every exit has wonderful spots to hit the pemi.... i love it up there ... thats the only river i have fished really

05/15/09 08:59 PM

Hey Jay,

Aye I did just that and joined the group, though I do spend a lot of time outside I will try to keep an eye open and some time aside for posting etc.

Sorry about the delay as well and shame I could meet up with you, though let me know sometime and maybe we can hit something up.'

I have a few things coming up in May, for maple sugaring and fishing. Sunday the 24th for instance I'm helping a member of the Bike patrol in RI with a ride and fish day. Most days though I'm usually up for whatever. Hit me here or my e-mail at Blackstonecarp@charter.net

05/13/09 07:34 PM

alot of small stripers with a few keepers and some blues are running at the west end of the canal,all and all alot of action and alot of fun,even the schoolies give a hellava fight!

05/12/09 08:10 AM

well i have only seen one be caught around here on a banjo minnow either the wild life comitie put it in there or maybe someone who fishes, who knows? well any ways have a good trip, I'll be headen up to maine to do some trout fishen as well, wish me luck , I'll be adding pics when I get back , have a good trip.

05/07/09 09:42 AM

yeah even around here in Jersey there has been a few tiger muskies caught, but I have no idea how they got here , I do pretty good on trout, largemouth bass, pickeral, and cats we have some huge carp here that I seen but I never went out fishing for them, but would love to sometime

05/06/09 09:54 PM

yep i can't wait i want some hard hitters that are run from me , I am tired of cathing bass

05/05/09 10:10 AM

yeah onbe of your pics is a muskie .... I'm just trying to ask as many people as possible your one of the only ones who respode so thanks! I'm going up to north maine a place called Ross lake camps .. located on the Chemquasabamticook Lake check there site they have been gettin tons of muskie considering it's Maine. http://www.rosslakecamps.com/

05/04/09 10:01 PM

i seen that tiger muskie of yours ... very nice I have never been fishing for Muskie but I am going to a good muskie lake in North Maine in 5 weeks any advise or secrects you can share??? how do i hook up the leader??? directly to my lure or what ??? kinda funny I don't know but any help is great thanks

04/23/09 08:53 PM

would like to try carp fishing. got some good waters near me just dont know what areas are best or even what to use for bait. can you give me some pointers?

04/21/09 02:30 AM

That carp was caught on my fly rod. English muffins is what the people off shore were tryin to feed them.

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