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06/07/13 12:35 PM

Looking for some new info please. Can anyone tell me some good places on Lake Champlain to fish for Largemouth/Smallmouth bass? Going up for a week starting next Friday morning for the LCI and then vaca. I will be staying on Isle La Motte for the week.


12/27/12 07:43 PM

having my surgery on monday and will be a while before i can work on the boat it is fiberglass and i need to have it painted i did a lot of work on it and need to paint it before i carpet it but will be down and out for a few months looking for a painter at a good price please let me know if you or someone you know does this or can do it thanks

09/08/12 01:40 PM

does anyone know were i can find a list of team names don't want to use someone else's name

03/05/12 07:39 AM

Good Morning,

Almost time to put the boat in and catch some early bass. I need some help please. I will be vacationing on the Cape this summer (West Yarmouth) and heard there is some good bass fishing around there. Any suggestions you could give me would be great. Also looks like there are a lot of motor restrictions (size wise) on these lakes. Will they let me on these lakes with the motor up or prop off? Any info would be appreciated. Good Luck this spring.

Thanks Mike

11/17/11 08:43 AM



05/11/11 08:48 AM

You too!

05/10/11 08:31 AM

Just wanted to say good luck to all on the fishing this year. Hope the big one is in your boats for 2011. Later


11/11/10 08:46 AM

Hey Ralphy,

Thanks for the kind words- this year has certainly been a year to remember, especially out on Maspy. Thanks for heading out on numerous trips with me this year, definately had a lot of laughs and caught some nice fish. I still have faith that another lunker might strike so I'll be out there when the time and weather cooperate. I think it's safe to retire blue thunder for the year, conditions are a little dangerous for that. I'll keep you posted for trips on the ice later in the winter season. Take it easy and remember, when in doubt be arrogant lol.


06/10/10 10:20 AM

Hey Rafael,

Nice to meet you. Hope the fishing is good for you this year so far.

01/01/10 07:43 AM

Happy New Years all. My new years resolution is to catch a 5 lb smallie this year.

I am opening Progressive Defense Systems this coming week and still offering free classes on Saturdays in Dorchester. Our class is getting pretty big and we are traveling and teaching Internationally in March. Anyone interested in seeing the videos or joining our class for free, contact me. Free to all MA Fish Finders! Check out the vids...

Be safe!


07/04/09 06:50 AM

fyi, we're having another tournament.
sunday august 2nd 6:00 a.m
long pond lakeville ma

$10 per person 20 a team
$5 lunker pool optional.
big and small boats are welcome
boats with no live well can use a cooler with a $10 bass pro aerator in it.

let me know soon if you can make it
hope to hear from some of you soon

thank you

06/09/09 10:19 AM

thanks bro that's a nice one you caught yourself ,STAY INTOUCH talk to you soon!!

04/21/09 12:56 PM

Hell yeah it's almost time....

04/10/09 09:02 PM

Hi Guys - I matted this picture for Dave O. It's a service I'd like to give all MA Fish Finder members. I'm disabled and am always looking for something to do. If you want a picture done, it's free, just send your name and address to retired1950@usa.com or you can send it as a private message. If you like the idea pass the word around. Post your picture on your profile page and call it "For Don"
Take Care,
Don Bolduc

03/14/09 08:54 AM

Pretty soon, Get Readyyyyyy !!!

08/27/08 10:36 AM

Thanks, I been a member of the site for over a year now, and I love it. Very easy to keep track of everyplace I go, and every fish I catch. Its good to see more and more people utilizing the site as well. Take advantage of the interactive map and all of its options. Ive found places Ive never even know about to fish.

Take it easy,

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