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11/20/08 01:03 PM

Check basshole group I left a message.

09/30/08 06:50 PM

Hey Johnny,whats up? Got plans for the weekend? wondering if you want to hit that pond near your house.

09/19/08 04:51 AM

Hey thanks for taking my invite you seem to be into bass as much as I am. I love to fiddle with my baits, I also make my own worm molds out of aluminum on my cnc equipment. I also like fishing Mass. they seem to get it, nice ramps well maintained lakes. Most of CT sucks to many water skiers. Do you fish Site A-1 (stump Pond)? that place is a blast.

Keep on fishing.

09/17/08 07:09 PM

thanks for message i'll have to try that it would be a lot cheeper. i've only used them twice so far picked up a couple of big pickrel no bass yet.

09/15/08 07:37 AM

Sounds like a plan. Just let me know the date, and how much $$.

09/02/08 09:28 AM

Yea, it was the spot we tried a few months ago. And the pumpkin seed was a rare one. I should have taken a picture, but it was a dink so I threw it back. Let me know if your around this week.

08/27/08 03:03 PM

hey don't worry........if u wanna go just let me know and u can take your own boat.

Any afternoon, or if u give me notice, I might be able to make a morning. Weekends there are pretty cramped.

I went to Massasoit State park today, (just got home) and it sucked! Nothing. A few bites, but..nothing in the boat.

Neponset Reservoir is probably my best spot in this state. It is located off of route 95 south, exit 8, take a right and then another right by the veterinary hospital. You can take your boat there and bring a friend if u want. The prison is tougher......I brought two guys there once an dthey kinda looked at me funny. I'm a cop anyways..........my badge usually makes up for the attitudes.

Talk soon.

08/21/08 07:37 PM

Hey Johnny,whats up. what are you doing next weekend? Looking to fish with someone I can
learn from. Let me know, thinking about stump pond again.

08/16/08 08:17 PM

Hey Johnny, i am so happy we hooked up saturday, what a awesome time being out there with ya, i had a blast, i am pysced we caught fish, specially the pike!!!! see ya Brian

08/04/08 07:04 PM

Hey Johnny,
Whats up. Finally catching fish on spinnerbaits. Thought you might like to hear that. Heard that Bobby was bragging at work about boon. That boy needs help. Want to buy more spinners from you. Send me a message or call me. Also want to go out fishing. See ya

07/25/08 06:02 AM

Hi John,
I'm not sure, but I don't think anyone is in my boat, but me.
I have a 10- foot john boat. It's not very comfortable, but it'll get us out there.
If you're interested, e-mail me ASAP.

Thanks. Doug

07/18/08 10:42 PM

check out Craigs List for a used one..........same as new. I love mine.......I can go anywhere there is 6 inches of water........

I have an Old Town Loon 138.....sometimes available for $250.00 and they go new for 675ish..

Tried Tihonet Pond and Glen Charlie today.........biggest fish was 2.6 lbs..........sucked.......too hot. I've been catching most of the bigger boys in the deeper water areas, but close to the top. Not by the edges.

We'll do the Norfol Prison Pond this year.......I'll get u in there..........it's not all that to me.

07/17/08 09:35 PM

the pic featured in my 'wallpaper' is from that pond.........the place looks prehistoric....would not want to fall in there.....The end of August or anytime in September if u want...we'll do it. Kayaks and canoes mostly........cops and correctional guys fish there.........u need a pass to get in. I can usually bring 1-2 people. Do u have a kayak maybe?

07/17/08 08:32 PM

Not sure if u guys ever had the chance, but, have u ever been to the Norfolk prison Pond?

I have a permission slip from the guy in charge there..........I have never caught anything bigger than 4 lbs there, but I've heard some serious stories.

07/15/08 10:35 AM

My friends both have crawdads and also Doug hay if he enters, has a john boat. Both Crawdads have swivel seats. If I can get a canoe are you interested or will that be tough on you leg?

07/15/08 09:08 AM

Whatever works bro, I could handle going in mikey's boat. See what his buddies have for boats and if you will be able to be comfortable.

07/15/08 07:17 AM

The spots that you are able to fish from shore get alot of activity. I'm trying to get you and Meat a canoe. I should know by Monday if I can get it. If not would you guys be willing to be split up? Get in touch with him and let me know. I have not taken a partner yet and could take one of you in my crawdad. I have two other friends not on the site who are interested that have boats. The other could probably jump in with them.

07/13/08 01:24 AM

yeah man, we catch them like crazy, only at boot pond, we've seen schools of them go under the boat of literally like 5,000+, they actually put up a pretty good fight

07/05/08 07:57 PM

Hey john, whats up. thanks for accepting. I guess brian just joined to so we should all get together soon. see ya

07/01/08 11:04 PM

We meet the last thursday of each month @ the AFA in Taunton.
Were actually going to fish our last tourney for the season in 2 weeks @ winnipesaukee, but start our new season in september & are looking for non-boaters. I think johnny is going to join next year & would great if both of you joined.
Our club membership right now is @ 23 members.
Great club with excellent anglers.....
check out our website @ www.avidbassin.com


06/30/08 11:52 PM

Johnny if we gotta shore fish, we'll do it. You still in for meeting up in Arlington again on Wednesday?

06/17/08 05:08 PM

Johnny, if this guys get this tourney going we should be teammates. Show them what Waltham Style is all about. lol

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