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06/11/09 05:02 PM

Thanks for inviting me John and I would love to go but I have to work this Sunday 9am to 9pm AND in Vermont! Smile

06/11/09 04:01 PM

Hi John,

I'd love to, but bigger beasts await....giant tuna. We've gotten one so far and lost one. And Sunday looks great...A storm is coming and they'll be biting, Rich

06/11/09 03:58 PM

Have a good time,wish i was going,couldn't find anyone with a boat.Maybe next time.Hope eveyone has a good time,take some good pics

06/11/09 11:57 AM

Hey John,

Bout fishing together for carp sometime. I know you have your tourney this week, so I'm thinking maybe next Sunday which would be the 21st, or the second Sunday in July which would be the 12th.

I have an event on the 28th of June for the Blackstone Canal Heritage day, so I'll be busy..and I figured July 4th is a bad weekend to make any plans so. Lemme know if either of those days is good for ya and we can take it from there, if not.. there's a long summer ahead so no rush man.

06/09/09 08:32 PM

Trying to make it myself, working on a few odds and ends and will let you know, thanks. Boooyah!

06/09/09 12:48 AM

not much of a morning person, but it sounds like fun and looks like a lot of guys from here will be there. nicholas and i might make it down (if i can get up that early).

will it be all 3 ponds, any bait restrictions, etc? do we need to have a team name and logo, lol....

06/08/09 07:53 AM

how we gonna work the fish weighing part!! i have a bass weighing bag i use but is there gonna be an official weigh in or?????biggest fish wins????how is it gonna go down

06/07/09 04:35 AM

Hey johnny, i'm working on it ....trying to get things done ....it's gonna be a great time....

06/04/09 06:13 PM

Dude,we are always cool. I felt bad about not coming to the tourney though. I have just been mad busy. I want to hit your box pond soon so tell me whats good for you. Been fishin lately? I went this morning and caught a good one on a frog. I,m gonna post it. Also sorry about missin your calls. I'll talk to you soon.

06/02/09 08:14 AM

Hey Johnny
Want to thank you for the veiw on The Sudbury...I did out a bit more info on it.... It was lacking some..
See ya on the 14th

06/01/09 11:30 AM

Hey John,

Glad you like the trip and some of the photos. I got into volunteering a few years ago with Maple Sugaring and from there it was easy to start doing events centered around my love/obsession with carp fishing. It started as just a derby in September and over the past 3 years has grown into a few workshops, social events, historical/heritage shows and a derby.

Anyway I won't bore you with my rambling Wink but I am definitely down to fish with you sometime and Sundays are fine I'll get back to you on when is a good one, my birthday the 6th is coming up and such so I will have to see what plans are but I wanted to reply so ya didn't think I ignored your message. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can get together and hook into some fish. Probably something along the Blackstone if that's not to far a trip for you, but it has been producing really well numbers wise this year.

Anyway, I'll get back to when I have a better idea, till then if you need anything hit me up here or my email blackstonecarp@charter.net


05/17/09 05:09 PM

Living back in Hvarehill and ready to catch some bass. Laughing

05/13/09 09:17 AM

Ill get back to ya Johnny.. Gonna see Brian today we will try to get a hold of him

05/12/09 09:19 PM

Hey Johnny
Been following your post... Seems to be coming together...You no we will be there.. Thanks for the review...

05/12/09 01:43 PM

Thank you and yours also, nice layout..awesome fish

05/04/09 09:15 AM

hey john ...Dave Adams here...I am Dennys Brother and can't wait to get my line wet....see you soon...

05/03/09 03:03 PM

Hey Johnny
Had a great time at Herds today... Just remeber it's still early

04/16/09 07:33 PM

Hey Johnie, whats up? I accidentaly erased your message and need to get your # again. Thinking of trying a different pond in maynard. Its shallow and the water should be warmer. When we get togethr this sunday, Bring me a few bagabass, I'll bring some dough.

04/10/09 09:02 PM

Hi Guys - I matted this picture for Dave O. It's a service I'd like to give all MA Fish Finder members. I'm disabled and am always looking for something to do. If you want a picture done, it's free, just send your name and address to retired1950@usa.com or you can send it as a private message. If you like the idea pass the word around. Post your picture on your profile page and call it "For Don"
Take Care,
Don Bolduc

03/29/09 06:33 PM

Hey whats up. I need to buy some spinners. any

03/16/09 12:10 PM

Hey Johnny, just got got my spinnerbait you sent me.Thanks a lot, i appreciate it.It looks killer.I can't wait to use it.And Don't worry "I won't be a wuss"i will bag a bass.Thanks again.

03/05/09 07:33 PM

well thank you very much .I will have to check it out. I would love to get a pike . never got one. I got a tiger musky in hopkinton at whitehall a few years ago through the ice

01/05/09 03:09 PM

Likewise, This weather blows!!! Although Im going ice fishing for the first time in Feb. up in Maine.

12/31/08 01:14 PM

Dude, I not gonna have the dough to do the seminar next month. Im bummed, but next much I can do. Maybe next year.

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