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08/03/09 07:05 PM

Johnny dont make the lunker optional. everyone wants a shot at it anyways plus it up the anti for it to make the prize nice should be $100 each prize this time!!!10 Boats total would do it if dave the site owner throws in we could add something to it!!hook up some trophies end of year or bbq or something who knows

07/30/09 10:10 PM

hi how are you ??

07/28/09 06:27 PM

Its long pond in lakeville ma right!!!!! any street address let me know k.later bro

07/28/09 02:45 PM

when we gonna meet up to get the permit?? 774 306 1800
thanks johnny

07/26/09 10:11 PM

johnny let me know was up with the permit and anything i need to know about the whole thing?????im trying to get it going so let me know a.s.a.p thanks bro

07/21/09 01:13 PM

Hey johnny, sorry about the message... i didnt know what was going on at the time. hope things are well.

07/16/09 02:19 PM

Johnny your the man! Im finally gonna fish my first tourney... Im takin Brians spot on his and my pops boat.... anyway just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to fish a tourney Good job man and keep em comin...D

07/15/09 02:04 PM

Hey sounds like you have another one gettn going...Where the heck is Lakeville ma? I probably cant join, I already have a day off the week before, but I would love to go in the am and help out, or at least see every one. let me know thanks

07/07/09 07:38 PM

Hey bro whats up. I'm a little shakey on the lakeville tournament. Where the hell is Lakeville? I would love to attend. Also let me know if you want to go out together before then. You're the man bro, peace.

07/06/09 12:20 PM

hey hey....nope...not much fishing lately, went out with papabass last sunday for the whole day on the charles ...got a couple small ones but still a great day...
not sure if the 3 of us will be at the tourney, but at least 2 will be there ...3 people on my boat is a bit cramped, but do-able....

07/06/09 06:40 AM

Thanks for the invite. Sorry I have a Tournament on Brimfield that day. Keep me updated on future tournaments.

07/06/09 06:23 AM

Hey Johnny
As Brian posted He is out , But I will have the boat with My son ddbasspro.. So we are in....Gonna take a pre trip this week to check out the ramp and all that.. Maybe a pre fish...See ya there.....

07/05/09 07:35 AM

i'll be there as of right now....might be a typo, but did you mean 2 to a team?


07/04/09 09:53 AM

ok i have a few friends that might want to go if im around cool.chad

06/29/09 10:02 PM

can you use same hook for bass trout pikes and carps??

and what kind of bait do you use for bass trout pikes and carps??

i am new to fishing so i dont know much

06/24/09 04:44 PM

Hey guys just added some pics...come check them out

06/18/09 07:53 PM

well now that we all can show off the fish we cach to each other hope to see some damn fish guys..lol talk to you guys later

06/18/09 07:48 PM

Hey whats up johny, had a great time on sunday hope to go again sometime... will let everyone see the great fish we can catch up this way talk to you soon.

06/18/09 06:51 PM

Johnny your the man! excellent job with setting up that tourney. Ill definately be joining the next one. D

06/18/09 12:12 PM

Hey Johnny, I finally made it here! Go Fish Go Fish

06/15/09 05:55 PM

Sounds good Johnny. What was the biggest HP engine you guys had out there? Alot of ponds have HP restrictions Down Plymouth and the cape. Most are 50-60hp. Long pond plymouth is a viable option but has a 60hp max. The ponds down the cape that dont. Wakaby Masapee, Lond pond Harwich off the tpo of my head. Always have tourneys almost every weekend. Let me know bout the motor size an ill start getting on it.

06/15/09 06:43 AM

Sorry I did not make it I was at the Cape all week end, maybe the next one.

06/12/09 08:58 PM

sorry buddy have a deication to go to thanks for the invite good luck.chad

06/11/09 05:43 PM

Count me in Johnny I think Brian talked to ya...

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