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07/03/09 08:55 AM

Chad It said you sent me a message, nothing came on line. it said private message, but nothing. we are going to campground today, seeing where it stopped raining. hope to do some fishing. talk to you later. How's your old man, tell him I said hello. Ed

04/07/09 08:23 PM

nah... had a few bites and some nice rises but..... nothin fancy ...
when u goin out again?

03/21/09 11:51 PM

hey what up bro, yeah im hopin to get out maybe tomorrow i just dont have a ride , mass has done some stocking already not too far from us if you are down with that

02/13/09 11:16 AM

I have pretty good luck with live minnows with an indicater on. I put a splitshot below where i tie the hook on to my line. I use sucker spawns too. Where do u steelhead fish at?

02/13/09 09:07 AM

thank. Do u steelhead fish? We go to east side of erie. There are steelhead everywhere. We are going up on the 17 and comming back home on the 18. Some guy caught one last week that weighed around 11pounds.

02/12/09 11:33 AM

nice bro i should have just met up with you than taking a 1 1/2 hr. drive to see all my fav. rivers iced up

02/06/09 10:33 PM

so you like bow fishin' huh .. nice how is it up there right now for Packers falls? is it iced up or.... By the way im john , and i fish all over nh.... we should fish sometime ... Im looking to get up there sunday

06/06/08 10:09 PM

Hi All,

This is just me testing out the send group message functionality. Its been a while since Ive sent out a group message, and I want to test out a fix I just made to the functionality to ensure prompt message delivery and email alerts. Everything should be working perfect now.

Also, for those who havent visited the site in a while, be sure to check out some of the cool new features like:

- Printing Topo Maps from the Map Tab
- View Birds Eye Imagery under certain location details
- The ability to blog and fully customize your profile.
- Add recipes and comments for fish species.
- "Watch" trips, locations, and species to see when users review or comment.

Expect many new features coming to the site soon!

Tight Lines,

Dave O

05/31/08 12:13 PM

Hi Chad,

The more locations and trips you can add and review the better. That is what this site is all about. I am glad you are enjoying the site so far. I agree it is slow right now, especially the message board. Hopefully as we get more users like yourself, we will get a nice dialog among us anglers and the site will really take off. Anyone you can tell about the site is greatly appreciated. Im looking forward to keeping up with your fishing news, tips and reviews.

Tight Lines,

Dave O

05/30/08 09:39 AM

Hi Chad,

Thanks for the info on the flounder. Are you fishing inside the bridge or in the channel as it goes out?
Yes I do have a boat up at Great Bay and that would be a 40 mile round trip so at $4.21 a gallon I might try the beach first.
Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I was out of town at a sales meeting.

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