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08/01/14 07:22 AM

It is a Basking Shark the second largest fish in the sea, the Whale Shark being the biggest. It is harmless. It opens its mouth and filter the water, lives on plankton. It was on the curl of Jeffrey's Ledge April 22, 2014

07/24/14 01:40 PM

June 22, 2014 I was out at Jeffery's Ledge fishing.
That's about 30 miles out from Hampton Harbor.
From 8am to 5pm fish were hitting all day.
Haddock, Pollock, Cod, Cusk, Red fish , herring and a Wolffish. Whales surfacing all day.
Also took pictures of a very big Basking Shark.
Went for Stripers a couple weeks ago only one keeper (31") Going again tomorrow (July 25,2014).

06/05/09 08:54 AM

Dad!!!! I think it's time we update some of our pictures with some fish from this year! Let's go out today. YIPPY!!!!

12/19/08 05:38 PM

very busy at work!!! HAHA!!! I took a half day today to get ahead of the snow, but it did not come until much later than said!!!

12/19/08 08:58 AM

hey dad!!! check out my profile. i updated some stuff!!!

06/22/08 09:54 PM

i put some new pics on!!!

05/30/08 10:28 AM

hey, well i know that boats are tough to get around with so alot of the time i go to cross beach on the seabrook side it is a random dirt road on the in side of the river. i park at the end of it theres alot of parking there no one will say anything. at low tide i walk out dig my worms keep inmind u can dig many worms and can get up to about 5 clams aslong as its for bait you'll be ok then i walk about 2 mins and aslong as u can cast you'll do just fine. please try this or message me back on a weekend or a friday i would be happy meet you and go.

04/26/08 09:53 PM

I know, isn't that crazy! I could never imagine that happening....i mean, I had a huge snapping turtle latch on to a bass i was reeling in, but never a killer whale, haha

04/18/08 09:37 PM

check me out! Hahahahaha!!!!!

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