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11/23/11 05:21 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Day to All!!

12/31/10 01:57 PM

A safe and Happy New Year to you all.
Spring is right around the corner.

11/18/10 08:15 PM

Thank you!

11/18/10 08:04 PM

Hello Bob:

I was wondering if you perhaps took away my access to posting information on the CT Fishfinder website? My message board access has recently been taken away, and I saw only you and Dave Overstrom listed as "Moderators" for the site who wield this ability on the CT Fishfinder site.

I know that you had expressed a personal preference that only your friend, Bigoutdoors, post the CT DEP Fishing reports, and had previously e - mailed me to "Shut Up" but this seemed an excessive act by an alleged pro-free speech, pro-liberty, pro-freedom guy like yourself, Bob.

Please change it back if you were in fact the person responsible. If you want to call to discuss this in person, please let me know as I have have your number: 860.683.***3 and e mail address @ "eliteserviceco@***.com" for your home-based business in Windsor, CT.

Thank you,

Dave Troy

10/29/10 02:48 PM

New boat? Selling a boat? Showing an old boat? In any case, nice boat!

07/15/10 11:31 AM

Hi aqualung, did you have that decal made special or did you buy it online? would love to have one on my car and jeep.

05/30/10 08:29 PM

Yup. At least we are on the board. We were between 30 - 50 ft using jigs with squid and some sand worms.

05/19/10 09:18 PM

I think you were the guy who helped me out with some fishing advice at the Wethersfield Cove this afternoon (I was the inept looking dude in a dress shirt and tie sneaking away from work at 4:00 PM).

Thanks for the help. Much-appreciated.

11/16/09 12:29 PM

Hey Bob....Sorry to here about your trip... Hope You have better weather on Tues.....No Deer for me yet but the Camp has 4. my little guy is sick so i will not be able to Make It out with you guys... my wife and i are Taking a lot of Vacation Time So I just don't have the Time to Take....Sorry i can not Help Out.... Good Luck

09/22/09 07:14 PM

Great, we're all set then.I'll rent a rod,if I lose one of your jigs I'll bring plenty of money to replace them and the ride is no problem.A couple more questions,what should I bring? Cooler? Ice? Can I bring beer? I smoke like a fiend,is smoking a problem on the boat? Also what date do you need the money by?Besides that we're good to go.Looking forward to it!

09/06/09 01:19 PM

thank, I will check it out I don't live far away. do you know if there is still access?

08/30/09 04:35 PM

Thanks Bob...I appreciate it....

08/20/09 10:04 PM

i know, i wish i could bring myself to do it. its so hard when i'm a family of seven and own my own boat though. But i'm still looking to hook up with you and the others that offered to show me where and how to salt water fish.

08/20/09 09:11 PM

Hello Sir, hey i was just looking at your post on tying fluke rigs. I did something wrong why tring to post to the post. anyways i was wonding where you purchased the materials to make the rigs? and what did you use for hooks? the fluke rigs worked real well for me last weekend out at the block for black sea bass. 14 in all in an hour 13 to 16 inches.

08/20/09 10:42 AM

I would like to invite you to join in the Canoe and kayak bass tournament big fish takes all. $20.00 per person. Rules are simple. You most paddle your boat, No live bait, You most have a digital camera with a view screen. I will supply an official ruler, you will lay fish on ruler take a picture and at weigh in I will compare pictures and prize will be awarded to the longest large or small mouth bass. This will eliminate having to have a live well. I can be contacted at dcoffin@rayginn.com or 860-818-3270 to get a spot. The field will be limited to 20 boats.

07/24/09 05:22 PM

Hey thanks again Lung,good luck tomorrow,bring back a couple of doormats!Let me know how ya do.

07/24/09 02:56 PM

Just checked out BayBerry on the map,looks really promising.Do you happen to know if they charge a launch fee and how much?Thanks again Lung.

06/15/09 09:02 PM

Planning on going this weekend for fathers day.

06/10/09 09:00 AM

FYI....as of june 15th connecticut salt water fishing license required $10 .....Good for ct ,mass, and ri, but not n.y. not required for party boats

06/10/09 08:54 AM

You heard about the new salt water fishing license as of june 15th $10 Good for ct mass and rhode island.You have to buy a n.y. license seperate to fish there.Its out of control.

05/29/09 01:10 PM


That is just the kind of information I needed. Thanks Much. I will let you know how I do. And will never crucify you for your opinion.

3 $8 jigs. I would hate loose that rig on rock.


05/29/09 12:07 PM

Thanks Bob

This whole thing is very new to me too. I'll bet those fresh squid taste pretty good. I am glad to know you got some.

Is there one kind of jig that worked better than others? Does the captains store have everything I need? Will a medium action spinning rod with 10lb test be good or too much or too little?

Hope you don't mind the questions.

Best Regards Scott

05/28/09 05:19 PM

Hi Bob

I am going out with the Frances Fleet for squid on Saturday with a few friends. If you have a chance to get out then that would be cool.


05/12/09 08:07 PM

how are you making out on the connecticut river.Bunker in the thames.

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