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02/23/14 09:52 PM

nice, this was my biggest last year.. hoping for better this year Razz

11/23/11 05:21 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Day to All!!

04/25/11 04:48 PM

Nice! Go Fish

08/24/10 11:50 AM

Your pics make it appear that you take atleast some of what you catch, what's your opinion on this:

I recently took a 22 inch, 5 pound bass from the Yantic River above Fitchville Pond. A few site members have reviewed the trip and given low scores. I should have released it? I have some confusion here.

My understanding is this. If you take small bass, say 2 lbs or less, that is one bass that will not grow up to be a big bass and spawn (maybe it has, maybe it hasn't) and raise more little bass which in turn will grow up to be big bass. However, a big bass will eat more food, which may in turn, lower the survivability of the smaller fish.

However, if you only take larger fish, you are removing a “big eater” which (I assume) has already spawned and leave the smaller bass to grow and become big bass which can spawn and leaving more “bait/food” for the smaller bass to grow………on and on.

Now I realize the reason for slot limits which, many complain about, but I seem to have imposed on myself for a couple of reasons without even realizing it.
(1) I like to eat fish now and then, but I’m not a big fan of cleaning them. Therefore, keeping the big one allows a meal without having to clean several small ones.
(2) I also feel that small ones should get a chance to grow up and spawn, so I will release them unless I injure them in the process of catching or de-hooking them.

From what I have read (and not just from the link below) a 1 year old spawning age/size bass could weigh as much as two pounds. That 5 pound bass I took could have been anywhere from 2 years old to 5 years old depending on food supply.


What is the best for the fish population and recreational fishing? I realize that the answer to this question is primarily one of opinion and maybe there is realy not one correct answer, but I'll take my lumps. Maybe I should make this a pole but the rational options are not clear to me.

04/22/10 12:54 AM

hey man just lettin u know that theres a shad festival in lambertville NJ.. this weekend rain or shine... ill b goin on saturday.. iv never been to one.. but i here its about fishing, eating, and i guess drinkin... just lettin u know tho.. later bro.. fish on

03/04/10 10:13 PM


I am thinking about getting a life time combo fishing licence this weekeng.

02/23/10 08:30 PM

what's up Lou;
Any updates on the new boats.
the gear ratio is 7:0 I got it for crank baits, and spinners.

02/16/10 06:43 PM

I bought a Shamino Curado 200E7 reel today, looking for a good spinner bat, or crankbait Rod to go with it. What do you think about the kistler micro magnesium 7' rod.

01/01/10 07:43 AM

Happy New Years all. My new years resolution is to catch a 5 lb smallie this year.

I am opening Progressive Defense Systems this coming week and still offering free classes on Saturdays in Dorchester. Our class is getting pretty big and we are traveling and teaching Internationally in March. Anyone interested in seeing the videos or joining our class for free, contact me. Free to all MA Fish Finders! Check out the vids...

Be safe!


12/23/09 09:45 AM

Happy Holidays to you to brotha!!

Cant wait to see your slobs next year!

11/23/09 10:31 PM

happy holiday bro...keep up all those awesome bass pics..they are sweet! Booyah!!

10/19/09 03:09 PM

Nice bass in your default photo!

09/24/09 05:47 PM

What's up lou, went out on sunday, fish Titicus caught two nice size Bass.
Monday fishing was a little tough the fish were active but bites were hard to come by. caught a 4 pounder on new croton, down where 100 meets the saw mill.

I like the size of those yellow perch you got the other day.

09/19/09 06:12 PM

Awesome job.... Nice Largemouth!

09/17/09 12:55 AM

haha very nice..

09/16/09 07:55 PM

Nice fish mr lou

09/16/09 10:08 AM


09/15/09 07:09 PM

Thats a nice Bass.
what type of lure did you used?

09/02/09 02:48 PM

Hey What's Up! Nice to meet you Lewis. My name is Vinnie. I fished only once upstate at the Wall Kill river in Gardiner. Caught a nice smallmouth. I usually hit Prospect Lake and I am going to hit Central Park this weekend. I try to stay local because I work and go to school, so my fishing time is very limited. But I am planning on hitting a lot of water upstate in 2010. I go out to Long Island on Lake Ronkonkoma, but the fishing there is hard. You really need a boat (which I don't have) to get in some productive fishing, and even then it is still hard

08/18/09 07:36 PM

I did'nt get a chance to get out either, had to work.

08/18/09 08:54 AM

ONE SET OF OARS! ???????

08/14/09 06:48 PM

I want to go out on Saturday but the wife already got plans for me.
What time are you going out on sunday.

08/12/09 07:08 PM

whats everyone, I've busy the last couple weeks. having had a chance to get my line wet.

06/10/09 09:00 AM

FYI....as of june 15th connecticut salt water fishing license required $10 .....Good for ct ,mass, and ri, but not n.y. not required for party boats

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