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User: jerseyman1995
Comment: this boy i got in the river . on corn with a 1 oz sinnker with a slack line . carp hate tight lines

Date: 05/18/15 02:33 PM

User: adamosborne18
Comment: i thought corn was illegal to us because the fish cant digest it. please tell me if im wrong.
Date: 08/19/14 03:57 PM

User: regan91
Comment: Me and a few friends think we saw 2 carp in the 10 mile river in Attleboro not to long ago. I tried to catch one but no luck. One started to go after my lure but it quickly gave up.
Date: 07/24/12 11:57 AM

User: regan91
Comment: Me and a few friends think we saw 2 carp in the 10 mile river in Attleboro not to long ago. I tried to catch one but no luck. One started to go after my lure but it quickly gave up.
Date: 07/24/12 11:56 AM

User: anglerman13
Comment: can you guys give me some tips on how to catch these fish
Date: 05/16/12 11:59 AM

User: anglerman17
Comment: Real cool fish in my opinion, trying hard to catch a big one
Date: 05/11/12 09:09 PM

User: xtremeangler
Comment: people may say carp destroy the environment, but the put up one hell of a fight use green giant corn
Date: 09/12/11 06:28 PM

User: catfish_polak
Comment: Carp put up an insanely good fight at the ct river! ive caught 25 pounders! As for the taste, they are too boney and arent the best. But definetly one of my favorite catch and release fish!
Date: 04/10/11 07:37 PM

User: hockeyjohnson
Comment: Some people call carp "crap fish". They consider them a nusense. WRONG! Carp are one of the best fish to catch. Unlike bass and trout carp fishing tests your patience. But when you get one on the hook they are the best fighting fish around
Date: 01/17/11 09:15 PM

User: hansel
Comment: good fighters but bad tasters
Date: 01/04/11 08:34 AM

User: hockeyjohnson
Comment: any good spots for carp in nj, prefably central
Date: 08/19/10 11:27 PM

User: hockeyjohnson
Comment: Well im not a very avid Carp fisherman but the strangest thing happened. I was at a retention pond and i was fishing for bass with a joe's fly when bam a carp attacks it. I didnt think carp bite on lures.
Date: 06/17/10 07:26 PM

User: limeycarper
Comment: Im fresh off the boat as far as carp baits go...
I used to use corn with maggot fished over crushed hempseed or groundbait for smaller carp..
And boilies,tinned ham or trout pellet for the 'bigguns'..Im new and very curious to the American carp techniques...
Date: 06/27/09 06:37 PM

User: bedlem
Comment: I tend to use a variety of baits, from soaked and boiled maize and maple peas as particle, to boilies and pack baits.

As has been stated and I tell people I instruct/show at the workshops and derbies..Carp fishing can be as simple or as complex as you wanna make it. Me, I like options so when an area is heavily fished with corn I can toss out something different and many times a small change will pull fish that others are missing.

Date: 05/18/09 05:06 PM

User: carpmaster
Comment: I usually use Corn or birdseeds!
Date: 04/09/09 02:02 AM

User: carp13
Comment: carpman,i use basically the same rig as you,corn is great especially in july/august,otherwise crawlers can't really be beat,no need to get fancy,if you wannna go with doughbait then Wheaties works great.
Date: 03/13/09 11:46 AM

User: carpman
Comment: the way i do it is with a sliding egg sinker, snap swivel and a leader 12-18 inches long. a nice size hook and whatever sinking bait you like.
Date: 08/02/08 11:23 PM

User: biglgotgame
Comment: a very easy way to catch carp is with a method feeder. They are around $3 www.bigcarptackle.com
simply rig as directed. load with some ground bait and use pretty much any thing on ther hook. Not the quickest way and doesnt catch the biggest fish, but is easy and works.
Date: 03/28/08 09:40 PM

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