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User: chucky
Comment: This an amazing species of fish that dates back 150 MILLION years in the fossil record. Sometimes mistaken for a snakehead (an invasive species) and killed, it can be identified by the short anal fin. A snakeheads anal fin covers at least 1/3 of its body length.
Date: 05/26/16 09:11 PM

User: adamosborne18
Comment: def seems like the north american snakehead. would love to catch one.
Date: 08/19/14 05:50 PM

User: shawn123
Comment: I really like these but I can't find out were in Connecticut to catch them.
Date: 09/01/11 08:51 PM

User: johnnywad
Comment: I caught my first Bowfin in NY on the lowere streches of Champlain during a bass tournament. Near the end of the day still searching for a limit of bass A bigun hit my white Nichols spinnerbait as I ripped it by a pile of weed that hat been harvested along the shore of Maple Bend. It slammed the bait ripped out some drag, and when coaxe toward the boat, it rolled and dove under it letting me see that I did not have a pike on. I reached for the net and brought her around to the other side of the boat to land her only to see the ugly puss of her flattened toothfilled face looking up at me. Wrong species but she put up a tremendous fight and I definitly had thoughts of having lunker bass on, as it weighed in at 6 1/2 lbs
Date: 08/22/11 08:07 AM

User: drewski
Comment: caught one in grand haven, MI weird lookin fish i did think it was a sneakhead, but nice colors

Date: 04/08/10 05:38 PM

User: leviathanhunter
Comment: on an UL..thats pretty surpising and impressive! how big was it? pound for pound Id say they fight much harder than largemouth bass..i think it has something to do with their body shape. bass have a flat profile and can use their bodies to generate resistance in the water..bowfin just use brute force..its more like playing tug 'o' war with a giant lizard than a fish..lol
Date: 03/18/10 09:20 AM

User: kennedy4130
Comment: I caught one in a cove in vermont with my ultra light last summer to this day i am still confused as to how i got it to the boat, guess it was my lucky day terrific fighter though
Date: 03/17/10 11:08 AM

User: leviathanhunter
Comment: My favorite species.. its a shame they arent endemic to CT. that said, they are a native north american fish. my avatar is actually a bowfin skull. they are often confused with the massively destructive snakehead fish from Thailand, which looks similar, but is actually a perch species. Bowfin are terrific fighters..similar diet to bass but a very different fighting style.. their body is cylindrical, so they use brute force instead of planing through the water to fight your line like a bass or any other fish with a flat profile would do.
they can live out of water due to teh fact they can breathe air.. just an awesome fish..
Date: 02/08/10 08:47 AM

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