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Spotted Seatrout Caught by Wirenut Arky Fish

Below are details for all the Spotted Seatrout caught by Wirenut Arky Fish. This view provides a great way to see where and how Wirenut Arky Fish caught Spotted Seatrout.

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From Trip: High Island Texas,
Hotspot Title: High Island lies on the eastern side of Galveston
# of Fish Caught: 6
Fish Length (Average): 14 inches
Fish Length (Max): 0 inches
Fish Weight (Average): 0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max): 0 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type: Plastic Swimbait
Bait Details:
Location Details: High Island has a Population of 500 and is at Hwy 87 and Hwy 124 on the Bolivar Peninsula, 21 miles S of Winnie, 47 miles S of Beaumont, 19 miles NE of Crystal Beach and 26 miles NE of Port Bolivar

In 1845 Anson Jones referred to the dome as the High Islands. Mineral springs on the so-called island attracted Indians, who called the area Doe Island. Jean Laffite is said to have occupied the area, and Charles Cronea, his cabin boy, is said to have built a home on High Island in 1876. Laffite is supposed by some to have buried treasure at High Island, but no discovery has ever been reported.

The first Anglo settler was Martin Dunman, who received a league of land for his part in the Texas Revolution and moved to High Island in 1845.

During hurricanes and floods, residents from miles away on the Bolivar Peninsula and coastal lowlands rush to High Island - often the only point above water - for protection.
Longitude/Latitude: -94.4762635231018, 29.53832862037528
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