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Eyes Of Red..Starring.. Charles Bronze-Son-Stein LMAO

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Hit the water this morning at 4:15am we couldnt see 2 feet in front of us, but we could hear the Red Eyes breaking water, 3 rd cast of the Pop R resulted in a 2.5lb Smallie, by the time the clock said 6:30am we already had 20 Smallies landed all in the 2lb class, by 10am we had boated 41 Small Mouth, including a 3.1lb and 3.6lb, not once did we even see a largemouth.

We left and hit a second pond to seek out Larry largemouth, we boated 15 biggest 5 tipping the scales at 17lbs, all in all a great day.

Sorry I cant tell you guys where these places are Ive been sworn to secrecy, besides Im down right selfish when it comes to a honey hole like this!!

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Tuesday Night Cook Pondin'

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Cook Pond

Just a quick after work trip , boated about 15 bass in a few hours including a few Larrys on the frog, the pics tell the rest

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Afternoon Delight

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Cook Pond

GOt out of work at 4:30 suited up and headed out to Cook Pond in my Hometown of Fall River (you know!!) Met up with my buddy Jeff at the ramp and off we went, hooked up on a couple of decent fish with in the first 5 or so casts on the wacky rig, spotted some pads and out came the Evolve Frog, 1st cast in GIANT BLOWUP I set the hook and some how the 65 lb Power Pro braid snapped about 20 feet from the frog....?? (maybe it had a nick in it) I realized this about 3 minutes later when the frog resurfaced... lmao with about 20 feet of line still attached to him!! Glad to get the frog back, at 16$ a peice thats a tough loss.. In any event we ended up catching close to 20 Bass of ll different sizes including a few nice small mouths Jeff landed, eventually then rain and wind were too much.. thats all for today boys and girls, see you all at Winthrop!

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Senko De Mayo Wacky Style

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Great day to be on the water , gonna keep this short, anyway hit a few ponds quick this morning with no luck decided to go to Old Faithful B.... (you thought I was gonna tell you didnt ya!, not a chance! LMAO) any way stumbled upon My buddy Stratos coming off where I was just about to launch (always nice to see you brother) he passed on a few tips as to what was going on on the water and where to find some fish and off we went.
Boated about 20 (mixed bag of large and small mouth), lots of decent size fish on beds, biggest we put in the boat was just shy of 4 lbs the rest between 1.5 and 2 lbs

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Stick Around Folks!

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Lovells Pond

Got out this weekend with my Buddy Dave conditions were pleasant , 60 degrees, 10 MPH wind, water temp at launch 44 degrees, reaching a max of 47 by 2pm when we left.
Fished a smaller pond on Cape Cod hoping to find some decent water temps and possibly some fish moving up into the shallow brush, after making the mistake of searching shallow early we moved to deeper water and switched to Ole' Faithfull, The Boag Hog Drop Shot.

Found a sandy flat that stretched from 6 to 20 feet with a nice hump located in the middle of it.

Heres where things get amusing and the "Stick Around Folks" Title of this trip comes from.. A few people walked out on the beach and asked " You guys catching anything" Right at that moment I felt THUMP THUMP and set the hook , this fish put her head down and took off running, 7ft 2in Crucial Drop Shot Rod doubled over and the drag on the Shimano Sahara started singing, 6lb test whipping through the guides the fight was on!

Big Fish I yell then proceed to tell the people on shore to "Stick Around Folks If you want to see a Giant!" however this fish had different plans, apparently she swam into a brush pile and shook the hook (unknown to me at the time) I kept pressure on the rod in hopes she would shake free, slowly but surely a large section of the brush pile began to come off the bottom little by slow I brought it up to the surface, certain (in my mind) the fish was coming with it......

When it reached the surface it was just the brush, man did I feel like an idiot! The people on shore , who watched the whole time, must have been like "What a retard!"

Disapointed I retied and cast back out, within 2 minutes I landed the beauty in the photo, as well as 4 more, a 5 fish day in March totaling a little over 14 lbs for the day

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DAY 3 Okeechobee

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Lake Okeechobee Clewiston Florida
1/6/0 - 1/8/0

Much better conditions today, bite was considerably better, we caught a decent amount of fish, but still didnt find the giants we were looking for, but did manage to land the Bucketmouth in the Picture, none the less The Guide Mark King and The Accomodations at Roland Martins Marina all deserve an A+++

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Lake Okeechobee Day 2 Clewiston Florida

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Lake Okeechobee Clewiston Florida
1/5/2012 - 1/7/2012



(I shot the video) it will give you a very small idea of how much flippable grass this place has (about 35 MILES OF IT!)

Myself and buddies Dave and Weston finally made it to Okeecchobee , we arrived Thursday afternoon, took in the sights and woke early Friday morning for Day 1

Our giude for the 3 day trip was Mark King a very knowledgeable, friendly, overall Awesome Guy and one hell of a guide! (heres the link to his websight should any of you guys wanna plan a trip)


Day one was really slow due to a bad cold front the day before, only boated 1 Bass, believe it or not.

Day 2 (today)
65 degrees, water temp 53- 62, Sunny 5 to 10 mph winds

today was much better, the grass down here is not like the grass at home, we were flipping in 4 to 8 foot Eel Grass and let me tell you when they bite you better have the power to wrench them out!

We must have lost a good 10 Big Bass Today that got balled up in the grass and popped off, when they just about rip the rod out of your hand you know there BIG!

Anyway we ended up boating about 7 with the days Biggest in the attaced photo 6 lbs and change

Final day tomorrow, Ill keep you guys posted, its suppose to be the best day according to our guide

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January 1st 2012 New Years Day Bassin'

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Johns POnd

Location : Johns Pond Mashpee
Conditions : Absolutely Gorgeous
Temp (low) 35 (high) 51
Water Temp 41 to 43 degrees
Wind SW 5 Mph Max

First and foremost I'd like to thank my Guide and Camera Man for the Day, Kenny, Lol.

Kenny by far is one of the most easy going guys I know and a great guy to be around on and off the water.
WE decided to hit up Johns Pond in Mashpee for a little New Years Day Bassin, with in 5 minutes of launching Kenny picked up two perch on the drop shot, first a YELLOW perch then his cousin the WHITE perch showed up, shortly after that I landed my first Bass of 2012 a 3lb fattie. As luck would have it kenny did not see another bite the rest of the day but did one hell of a job driving the boat, netting fish and snapping pics, lol, and never once did he complain, he's outfished me more than once I suppose today was just my day.
I went on to land 3 more Larrys including the 4lb 11oz beauty in the photo attached, all and all a great day!

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Great Herring Pond Plymouth Mass

Partly Sunny Temp, 55 Degrees
Water Temp 49-50 Degrees
Wind SSW 25 MPH Plus

1st Place Team Halo 5 fish 9lb 12oz
2nd Place Team Sinista 5 fish 8lb 13oz
3rd Place Team Beaver Fever 2 fish 6lb 8oz
4th Place Team Why Not Now 1 fish 1lb 8oz
LUNKER Damon (Beaver Fever) 3lb 5oz Smallmouth
Honerable mentions:

Team Shaw
Team Sardine Hunter
Team Rusty Hookers

Todays Entertainment Provided By Bang Bang from Team Beaver Fever (See Pictures Below)

Tough day no matter how you cut it, the wind was brutal and non-stop, BIG PROPS to everyone who showed up and braved the conditions, your all winners in my book

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Lake Winthrop Car Topper 10-9-11

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Lake Winthrop

All I can say is what a day! Tough place to fish, bluebird skies, bright and sunny and unseasonably HOT!
To be honest we really didnt think the 3 fish we had were gonna take 1st, especially with the field we were up against.
We kept our heads down and flipped and flipped and flipped some more, just couldnt find fish 4 & 5, luck would have it all we would need was 3.

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Lake Somewhere Lol

Smoke City and Sinista team up to form Sin City...
Smoke and I decided to team up today and hit the water for a few hours, with the focast not looking to good we set out around 7am ( at an undisclosed location ) In search of Larry Largemouth and his even more elusive Saul Smallstein. Smoke set the hook on the first fish of the day about a pound and a half Larry and from there on it was pretty consistent action.
All in all we put 20 plus fish in the boat, with the biggest 5 totalling in excess of 10 pounds.
Smoke gets Big fish of the day with a 3lb 3 oz Smallie, I had a Larry just shy of that along with a few other Smallies in the 2 plus pound range.
We did well for the first time fishing together, lots of laughs and lots of fish, definitely a great time!
Thanks Smoke

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Monponsett West/East

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Set out early this morning with the intentions of having a peek at the launch site for tomorrows tourney (Oldham Pond) and then planned to slide over to Furnace, taking into consideration we could pay to launch from Chips Ramp.
About 20 minutes into the ride my buddy Dave blows a stop sign and wouldnt ya know on come the blues....dam!
He's practically a saint, but my past is....lets just say not the type of past you want to have...
any how this gets funny, the cop walks over to the window and says license and registration..
Dave says, sure Im gonna reach in my glove compartment and grab my registration, then Im going to reach in my pocket and grab my license...
The cop is like OK...Did you pull me over cause I have a trailer light out ?? The cops says no , did you not notice the big red octagon that says STOP back there??? LMFAO
So off to the crusier he goes to run our info, we are all legit so I could be less concerned..
Dave says thats how you talk to cops you let them know what move your going to make before you make it, they like that and 99% of the time you'll just get a warning..
Ok sir heres your ticket for 100$ for running the stop sign , have a nice day.....
Im like so much for that theory working huh??? We both lost it in laughter.
Anyway we ended up at Monponsett, 5 minutes in I landed a 3 maybe 3.5lb flippin a tree, swung her up on the deck and she popped off, I proceeded to dive on her like she was a fumble (this type of s*** is what memories are made of) we laughed the remainded of the day about that one too.
Dave lands a sweet 4.3 lb aboout an hour later flippin some pads as well (see pic) all in all we got some where around 10 fish in a few hours, slipped under the bridge from West to East and landed a few more..

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Lake Nippenicket

Here we go again!! haha, got out to the Nip tonight with my buddy Weston around 6 pm, looking to do a little early evening Flippin. The wind was blowing like a prostitute on a Friday night and the Flippin bite was off , like light switch off....
Switch to the Frog.. Dun Dun DUNNNNN!! Hahaaaa
Not to long after I hooked up with this Bad Girl, she totally smashed The Live Target Frog she had to be a good 40 yrs out when we hooked up (the Combo of Loomis Frog Rod and Revo Premier can throw em a Country Mile) The rest is 5.2 pounds of picture

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The Agawam Revisited

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Agawam River

I fish the Agawam every now and then, generally when the grass is right, In my opinion there is no sense Flippin there if its not really matted, anyway dropped in today wind was howling, hit a few key spots with my go to bait, missed 4 fish, bad way to start.....
On the way back to the launch about an hour later decided to check one of the spots I missed a good bite previously, 2 types of grass growing together, thick matted slob....
1st flip in, this time I didnt miss the hook set, landed this Larry in about 5 turns of the handle..
Sorry so short the wife is b*tchin, she says shes getting a Largemouth Costume in hopes I pay her more attention!!! LMFAO
See you guys at Manchaug in the AM

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Lake Nippenicket
Here we go again, Lake Nippenicket take 3...ACTION, LMAO...
Return to the Nip for a little late night Flipper-Roo as I like to call it, Flippin the same Black and Blue Bait I always flip with one new addition to it, a new add on to it that new on the market (and its not scent) not going to disclose what it is just yet until I see more of them around..sorry guys
Anyway found some real nice grass mats, a section where its not just coon tail, but small patches of another type of grass growing with it ,real nasty looking stuff
The wind pushing towards us folding the grass over and creating poskets of calm in around 6 feet of water
So I orient myself trying to judge best how the fish would be positioned, 3rd Flip and BUMP BUMP landed the fisrt MONSTER easily 5+ lbs (batteries were dead on the scale but having caught enough nickels in my time I knew she was at least that big) after about 5 mins of trying to get the sun, what was left of it in the right palce to take pics I rolled back around and Flipped Out again, LMAO this bite was a whole lot different on a control slack drop I felt the spool speed up just a little bit (for guys that are new to flipping whenever you feel ANYTHING DIFFERENT FLIPPING SET THE HOOK!) I locked the bail and drove the hook home! This one for sure was alot bigger than the 1st my guess is 6lbs plus
Sorry the pictures are not that great I later realized the flash was ON and should have been set to auto

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Santuit Take 2

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Santuit Pond

Another trip to Santuit hoping to replay the 55 fish day we had last week . As mentioned earlier by Stratos1966 in his report about Lovells the algae bloom here was just as bad. All in all we put 18 in the boat 2 of which were 3.5 lbs. Off to the next spot. Be back soon

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The Proverbial Last Cast (Spectacle Pond)

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Spectacle Pond

Woke at 3am, grabed a coffee and hit 495S. From Taunton to Yarmouthport is about an hour and 15 minute ride, if I make the jump to Hyper Space my Infiniti G35x will carry me there in around 45 minutes, this morning I chose to keep it under 145mph.
The whole ride all I thought about was yesterdays 55 fish day and how I wish todays trip would be the same.
We started at Shubael Pond, nice place, a few peices of shoreline structure but for the most part is a kettle pond, caught 1 which I swore was a monster until he revealed himself....a 2lber with all 6 of the Sexy Shad Square Bill's Hook in his back, hate foul hooked fish!!
So off to Spectacle we go, never been here before, same as yesterday, weather..overcast raining, same as yesterday, soft plastics......DIFFERENT FROM YESTERDAY, couldnt make it to BPS last night before they closed to re-up on my favorite "Havoc Pit Boss" so right out the gate my confidence is a little low, I dont know if you can identify but when that flippin stick is in my hand, and she's rigged with my go to bait and color its pretty much a wrap.
Fished for about 3 hours caught 1 perch ( I think the crankbait was bigger than him) motoring back to the launch site I pick up the crankbait rod and start throwing casts into the middle of nowhere, 1,2,3.....think I threw around a dozen when my buddy says "come on I gotta get back home to let the dogs out" my response " Ok Last Cast, God ( I said looking upward and I really was) can I just get one nice thats it just one."
If my buddy wasnt there to see it this would have just been another fishing story but it really took place....I whipped that Strike King Sexy Shad Deep Diver about a football field with my 7ft 11 in Shimano Crucial Crankbait Rod it landed in about 25 ft of water, boat was up in about 10, it wasnt about 15 turns of the handle when this beauty knocked the s**t out of it.
In typical addict form after the picture was taken I said "just one more" after about 20 more my buddy said we really need to go, lol
The rest my friends in history

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55 Bass Day @ Santuit Pond

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Santuit Pond

The day started with an hour and 15 min drive to Yarmouthport to meet up with my buddy then off to Wequaquet, problem was I forgot my sniper rifle to deal with the water skiers, lol, caught a few smallies and off to Santuit we went
Never been here before, ominous storm clouds moving in, had a friend call me from Great South in Plymouth and say he had to pack up because of the lightening and rain.
20 Minutes in the sky opens up, its Frog Togg Time, on with the rain gear and on with the bite, which lit up like the Christmas Tree in Time Square
Withing in 5 minutes of the rain starting the temp had dropped about 15 degrees and we had already put about 10 fish in the boat, this continued for about 3 hours, fish after fish after fish, Ive never seen anything like it. I burnt through 5 bags of Berkley Havoc Pit Boss Creatures, (3) Black and Blue (1) June Bug and (1) Green Pumpkin
Didnt get that many photos due to the weather but at least 15 of the 55 Bass were 3 to 3.5 lbs the other 35 were between 2 and 3lbs.
Missed about 20 hooksets too, and know a few of them were at least 5 plus.
Both of my thumbs are ripped up so bad from lipping Bass all day!
Sorry the report is not really detailed, its 10:30pm now gotta sleep heading back down the cape at 3:30 am

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Back to the Nip again

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Lake Nippenicket

I just typed an epic document about this trip and the website has some sort of error that would not let me add photos and eventually deleted everything I typed.
So long story short we went back to the Nip tonight and the side we were fishing was a 2nd grade fishing equation WIND + WIND + MORE WIND + MUDDY WATER= TIME TO FISH THE OTHER SIDE.
My buddy is throwing a Frog which leaves me in "Olympic Pitching Division" which in laymans terms means I'm throwing 75 foot pitches to the bank
First pitch and my line gets up and conviently begins to run the other way...HOOK SET! she runs towards the boat so fast my Revo STX 7:1:1 cant keep up, luckily she runs past the boat and tightens the slack, 15 seconds later shes boatside, she shook so hard when I grab her she sunk the Gambler #4 Flippin Hook in my hand but I never let her go
The rest is in the Picture

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Trip To The Nip

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Lake Nippenicket

Spent the day re-wiring a 74lb 24volt Minn Kota on my buddies boat, all the while thinking about "This is not the way I want to spend my Sunday, lol" Shortly after he returned home we loaded up my 15 Tracker and headed out to The Nip for some late afternoon Froggin.
The wind was wipping and so were My Arch Enemies "Recreational Boaters, Jet Skiers, Tubers, etc" So to escape the madness we went where they wont, into the thickest slop on the pond, around the bend from a wind blown point.
The Live Target Frog produced one 2 pounder, which on a night like this in my book is not acceptable. I dropped the Crucial Frog Rod and picked up the Crucial Flippin Stick by far my favorite tool of the trade.
I'm very selective when I flip by that I mean I wont flip, flip, flip away, I pick and choose key spots to place that Junebug Berkely Pit Boss, today was no exception to the rule. I'm about as accurate with a Flippin Stick as a Sniper is with his Rifle. DEADLY!
Five pitches in this Bad Larry hit it on the rise and 10 seconds later he was on the deck thanks to 65 lb Power Pro Braid. The rest is History.

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Caught a whole *&%$load of 3 lb'ers, This hidden gem has 10lb'ers in it Ive seen them, To date a lil over 7lbs is the largest Larry Ive caught here
Its funny how once you start catching 5 + pounders that anything less doesnt make the highlight reel, Been spoiled all year, definately one of the best yrs Ive had on the water

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LarryLand Massachusetts
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Another great morning at the secret bogs, caught a whole mess of 3 pounders, Ive been so spoiled fishing this hidden gem that anything under 5lbs doesn't even make the highlight reel, Ive seen 10 lb'ers in this place, to date a lil over 7lbs is the Largest Larry Ive caught here

All Set With The Girl And The Kids, Rather Be Fishin
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The Brickyards

Saturdays and Sundays are the only days I get to fish and hang out with My Buddy Weston I'll be dam if Im staying home with the kids and the girl!!!!!!!!!! Up and out at 4:30 am and I wont be back till after they are in bed!!!

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The Ag

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The Agawam River

Recent trip to the Agawam River earned me this Larry and 4 of his buddies, its slow fishing this choked up body of water and the weather has to be perfect or your wasting your time, (no comment as to the perfect weather condition for this body of water, you"ll have to figure that out yourself, as well as what color and type of flippable soft plastic to use)

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