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Neponset Reservoir

As might be predicted, today produced big numbers of bass. Unfortunately, most were dinks. Congrats to Bruce on the win!Good job to everyone who fished in our last Tourney of the year!

1. bam1970(Bruce): 5 14
2. tomp(Tom) 5 10
3. drshakenbake (Jeremey): 5 3

Lunker: drshakenbake: 2 7

Post any pics if you can, guys.



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Ponkapoag Pond

As is usually the case, Ponky produced some lunkers. 2 4.5s, a 5, and a six. Everyone scored fish. The winning pattern was fishing shallow vegetation. Of course, this was the only pattern since the whole place is shallow with vegetation! Congrats to purpleturkey who is almost always in the money. Also congrats to kfrabass with Lunker at 6.0. Don and I were feeling pretty good about our 4.5s, until we heard Chris come in with a 5, only to be followed by Kevin's 6!

Good job to all who fished!

1. purpleturkey: 13.4
2. kfrabass: 12.9
3. tomp: 12.7

Lunker: kfrabass: 6.0

Please post any pics if you can guys.

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Stump/Robbins Pond

It only took me 3 years to do it but I finally broke the 10 pound bag barrier with the win going to yours truly, tomp. Bam1970 caught over a dozen keepers and got second. At the site, it looked like 3rd place was a tie between purpleturkey and rivethead with purpleturkey winning the big fish tie breaker to be awarded 3rd place. Upon examining the tally later, it appears that purpleturkey shortchanged himself in his tally and really had an additional ounce which gave him third outright anyway. Whew!

Great job by drshakenbake with Lunker!

It was pretty good action and good quality out there today. Props to the Western Mass guys for making the trek and giving a good account of themselves. Also good to see a few new faces.

1st: tomp- 10 8
2nd: bam1970- 7 12
3rd: purpleturkey- 6 15

Lunker: drshakenbake- 4 1

Please post any pictures if you can, guys.

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Farm Pond, Framingham

As could be expected, Farm Pond was a minefield of Pickerel. Ken did the best job of dodging them to find to find 3 keepers and the win. Nice Lunker for Kevin! He asked me to witness the scale reading as I was fishing near him at the time and the sun can make it tough to see in in the picture. I was tempted to try to net the fish as he released it but wasn't quite willing to stoop that low! Good to see some new guys one of whom finished 3rd.

1st: kenwood- 5 14
2nd:kfrabass- 4 9
3rd:John- 4 6

Lunker: kfrabass- 3 5

Post pics if you can guys.


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Lake Boon

Tough bite. The 2 best fish of the day were caught in the last half hour. And sadly, there lies at the bottom of Lake Boon a cell phone with a picture of a 3 and 4 pounder on it!

Don was the man today with the win and lunker. Good job to you and to everyone else who was grinding it out on Saturday! Good to see some new anglers too!

1st:purpleturkey- 4 4
2nd:sardinehunter- 2 8
3rd: chrisg- 2 2

Lunker: purpleturkey- 4 4

Anyone who fished, please feel free to post pics (especially Don!),

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Norton reservoir

So, we wrapped up this year's Kayak Tourney series today at Norton Reservoir. The day started calm and cool with the wind picking up considerably a few hours into the proceedings. Priority one was locating the duck hunters as the sun came up and staying out of their line of fire! Again it was good to see some new participants one of whom finished in the money. First and second went to the father son duo of Ken and Paul. Good job guys. Ken wielded his trusty spinnerbait for a nice limit on a tough day. For those of us who didn't make out so well I suppose we realized things could have been worse after seeing the poor guy who shredded the front end of his SUV while trying to launch his Ranger! Thanks to everyone who participated this year and special thanks to those who stepped up to keep things running smoothly when I couldn't attend.

Here's the final tally:

1. kenwood- 7lb 10oz
2. paulreed- 5lb 7oz
3. will Hannon- 2lb 0oz

Lunker: kenwood- 2lb 3oz

Please post any pics if possible guys. I would do so but dinks and picks aren't too interesting!

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Willis Pond

This was a new place for almost everyone who fished today. Having the most experience at this pond of anyone in the field, I, of course finished out of the money in 4th! Everyone caught fish one way or another although, for some, it was a "crappie" day! Good news is I'm pretty sure everyone was pickerel free. The day started out with the water like glass although the wind gradually increased as the morning progressed. It was mostly a grind today with purpleturkey grinding it out for the win. Good job to everyone who fished today and congratulations to those who placed.

1. purpleturkey- 6 lb 11 oz
2. brownie- 4 lb 12 oz
3. mainiac- 4 lb 5 oz

Lunker: purpleturkey- 2 lb 12 oz

To those who fished, please post pics if you can.

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Lake Nippenicket

Today was a mixed bag of bags at the Nip. Some good, some not so much. Also, a few broken hearts from lost fish. In the end, places 1 through 3 went to newcomers with brownie, a veteran, getting a nice lunker. Here's the results:

1. swampyankee- 8 lb 6 oz
2. jrap71- 7 lb 12 oz
3. kreid20- 7 lb 2 oz

Lunker: brownie- 4 lb 10 oz

Lot of new faces today. We even had husband and wife entrants! Congrats to all who fished and especially those who placed.

Anglers, please post any pics you can. I would lead by example, but, unfortunately, not much to add on my part!

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Ponkapoag Pond

Good day for quality and quantity. And the Pickerel even stayed (mostly) out of the way. This place has all the right elements for a good kayak tourney (except for the walk from parking lot to water!).

Congrats to purpleturkey on the win and putting together a nice bag. Also, nice lunker for Joe. Good job to all who turned out today!

1. purpleturkey: 10 lb 9 oz
2. buffalo78: 9 lb 12 oz
3. kenwood: 9 lb 7 oz

Lunker:Joem617- 4 lb 7 oz

Please add pictures to the trip if you can guys. Thanks!

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Furnace Pond

Parking: No problem!
Big Boat Traffic: No problem!

The action today was good for some and not as good for others. As he has done in the past, buffalo78 put together a strong day with, in the words of the FLW announcer, "A 5 bass limit!" Good to have a few newcomers on board, one of whom finished 2nd. Here are the results:

1st: buffalo78- 7lb 7oz
2nd:Mike C- 5lb 14oz
3rd: purpleturkey: 4lb 4oz

Lunker: joem617- 3lb 12oz

Good job today, guys! Please post any pics by going in to edit trip.

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North Pond, Hopkinton

Pretty steady action today if you count dinks and picks. Good to see some new faces one of whom was the winner. Congrats to blood!

1. blood- 6lb 11oz
2. tomp- 4lb 9oz
3. kenwood- 3lb 6oz
3. joem617- 3lb 6oz

Lunker: juggernoob- 3lb 3oz

Good job to those who turned out!

Guys, please post any pictures if you can.

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Nabnasset Pond-Westford

This was a nice location for a Kayak Tourney. While no records were set, there was pretty good action across the board with a few limits to be had. Congrats to brownie with the Win, Lunker, and no treble hook stuck in his hand! Here are the results:

1. brownie- 9lb 10 oz
2. paulreed- 8lb 3 oz
3. kenwood- 6lb 1 oz

Lunker: brownie- 2lb 4oz

I'll include all tourney participants in the trip so you can post pics, guys.

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Ponkapoag Pond

As others have said, it was a tough day at Ponky. Cold weather made for a slow bite. kfrabass led the way with 2 scorable bass although he landed 2 others as well. Good job to those who braved the elements. Here are the results:

1.kfrabass- 4 pound 7 ounce

Lunker: kfrabass- 2 pound 9 ounce

Post any pics if you can guys.

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Neponset Reservoir

Seems like at every Tourney, there's one person who has the hot hand and figures out what everyone can't. Today, it was the wiley Veteran, Paul. Paul slayed 'em with the spinnerbait to take lunker and a nice bag as well. Good going, Paul! Thanks to everyone who fished this year's Kayak Series!

1. paulreed: 13 pounds 4 ounces
2. hagabass: 4 pounds 10 ounces
3. kenwood: 3 pounds 14 ounces

Lunker: paulreed- 3 pounds 15 ounces

Paul/Ken, please post pics if you can.

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Great Herring Pond

Great Herring Pond showed her stuff today with steady wind and chop. Very few others on the water. Pretty much had the whole place to ourselves! Fun and challenging day! I caught about 15 smallies all on drop shot! Unfortunately, only 4 "made the cut!" Plenty of action.

The day belonged to deaffisherman with the win and lunker. Good to see him in action! Looks like the key to winning was to throw in a few good largemouth along with the smallies! Congratulations, Mark! Good meeting you!

Thanks and good job to all who fished!

1. deaffisherman- 8 pounds 5 ounces
2. tomp- 5 pounds 3 ounces

Lunker: deaffisherman- 3 pounds 5 ounces

Mark, please post any pics if possible.

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Lake Chauncy

This was a story of 2 tournaments today. The one Ryan fished and the one the rest of us fished! Finding both numbers and size, buffalo78 walked away with this one.

1. buffalo78- 13 pounds 3 ounces
2. tomp
3. juggernoob

Lunker: buffalo78- 5 pounds!

Ryan, please post pics if you can.

New PB Smallie- Drop Shottin at the Chu

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Wachusett Reservoir

Haven't been to the Res since I bumped into Badlarry and his giant Laker. Cool nights and reports of smallies gave me the itch to get back there. There at sunrise this AM fishing the drop shot in a new area. Picked up a little one in shallow water. Then moved to 15-20 FOW. That familiar little thump on the line says it's time to set the hook. Felt like a big one right away. Then I see a football with fins flying out of the water! A few more jumps and in comes a new Personal Best Smallie at 4 pounds 12 ounces. My search begins tomorrow for a 5 pound smallie!

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Nice day to be on the water. Not too many big boats. Tough bite overall. We had a husband and wife fishing and a father and son. Nice. Winner and Lunker went to me, tomp, fishing drop shot all morning. Thanks to all who came out.

1. tomp
2. kenwood
3. juggernoob

Lunker: tomp- 3 pound 5 ounce Smallie

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For the most part, it was a slow day. Winds picked up after 9:00 AM making for challenging Kayak fishing. I managed to find one decent fish that helped me get back in the Winner's Circle. Good to see the Western Mass guys who turned out! Here's how we finished:

1. tomp
2. rivethead
3. pmar20

Lunker: tomp- 3 lb 2 oz

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Drop Shottin' at the Q

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Quabbin-Gate 43

Made up my mind I would learn to drop-shot this year. After 9 straight skunk-free outings at Wachusett (not bad for summer), I figured I'd go for a drop-shot "final exam" at Quabbin. Went out by myself with 1 rod and a bunch of drop-shot weights and baits. On the water at 6:45 AM, off at 6:45 PM. Good News: 38 smallies. Bad News: not one over 3 pounds! Not sure if it's a function of the technique, the locations fished, etc. I'd go 1 1/2 hr. with nothing, find bait and catch a bunch, repeat. Fish caught between 10 and 35 FOW. Saw a Bald Eagle soar off an island, fly about 1/2 mile to then go into a nose dive, drop talons that looked like landing gear, and grab a fish out of the water without missing a beat, and then fly back home. Goosebumps! Hustling back to the ramp in time for boat rental return, I ran into bait everywhere. Hurrying to finish in time, I got bit on 15 straight casts, lost 7, and landed 8. I know others have had big numbers days, but this was my best. For any Quabbin aficionados, any ideas for bigger fish you're willing to share?

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Badlarry's Beast Laker at the Chu

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Doing my usual early AM pounding of the shoreline at Wachusett. Near the end of my trip, I bump into a guy who says Hi Tom. I didn't recognize the beardless badlarry! We shoot the breeze a bit with a few casts in between and I say I'm done. Badlarry walks by his pole, jumps down to pick it up, watch line run a bit, and then set the hook. Right off the bat, looks like there's a big one on! Took a while until the fish showed itself. Big, big Laker! 13 pounds 10 ounces on my scale! Not bad for mid summer 90 degree day!

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Lake Boon

Once again, someone figured out the pattern while most of us searched for it. Very nice bag (limit with culling) for sardinehunter in his debut at a MAFF Kayak Tourney. Apparently, Shawn had not heard the rumors of Boon's demise! Second went to another first timer, Paul, with a nice showing, with third going to a veteran, pmar20. Here's the tally:

1. sardinehunter- 12 pounds 8 ounces
2. Paul- 4 pounds 13 ounces
3. pmar20- 3 pounds 8 ounces

Lunker- sardinehunter- 3 pounds 15 ounces

To all those who fished yesterday, please add pics to this trip if you can.

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Farm Pond, Framingham

Today may have been a record for the number of fish caught in a Kayak Tournament...for Pickerel, that is!

Well, one angler was culling Bass while we were culling Pickerel. buffalo78 left the rest of us in the rear view mirror with an awesome bag of 17+ pounds plus Lunker! Here are the results:

1. buffalo78- 17 pounds 12 ounces
2. kfrabass- 5 pounds
3. knpc- 4 pounds 14 ounces

Lunker- buffalo78- 4 pounds 11 ounces

Congrats to Ryan and both Kevins who placed in the top 3.

Please post pictures from today's Tourney, guys.

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Charles River Waltham

Interesting day on the Charles. This weeks Tourney saw many frolicking Carp, a capsized angler (He's OK!), and a tough bite! In the end, our winner, Jr., figured it out getting Lunker as well. Here are the results:

1.enogueira- 7.7
2.kenwood- 3.3
3.tomp- 2.10

Lunker- enogueira- 3.9

Post any pics, guys.

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