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been a good year!!

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every where
havent been on in a while! but been catching some great fish. CRUSHED THE STRIPERS!!!!!! fished mostly saltwater this year and slayed the big stripers! biggest was 30lbs, may fish over 20lbs. caught my first land lock salmon. caught some big bass to. biggest 6.3lbs, caught my first ever pike, biggest 15lbs. caught some nice carp all under 10lbs tho! my first MA carp, caught my first mirror carp to! caught some big sea bass and tog. been a great saltwater fishin year! didnt do much freshwater

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9th bass over 5 this year

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hawg heaven

been one of my best seasons if not my best season. got my 9th bass over 5 this year! weighed in a 6 even.

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NEW PB!!!!!

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Secret honey hole

caught my new PB. 7.8lbs
caught this beast on a 9inch deep crank x2 blue gill.
cranked down along a drop off near some lilly pads! im super super happy to have caught such an awesome amazing beast!

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decent one the other day

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Old favorite

braved the winds in my yak on sunday. went out in the afternoon! froggin and swimbait mission. couple blow ups in thick pads. one dink one pickerel on frogs. went to some open water caught a few more dinks on swimbaits. landed the yak walked the shore along a great canal that always hold a good fish. submerged weed bed on the drop off. this 5er came out and smoked the ms slammer cranked down.

few more pickerel and dink bass on swimbaits rest of the day.

PS: numbers have been great but the biggons have been shy! felt great getting a decent bass again.

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Unbelievable day

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smallie honey hole
So long ass day! Felt like s*** until it got F***ING AMAZING!!!!!!!
Fished our ass got a nice 5lbs laker! Couldn't get another fish! WE FISHED EVERYTHING!!!! Many different spots! It was a tough day! Until 2 hours left in the day! I was getting frustrated and said I only want one smallie! 5lbs or 1lbs we gota get one!
So we see big fish cruising! I pitch a finesse swimbait to it! This smallie inhales it! HUGE SMALLIE!
Net it! 5.5!!!!!! Wow!!!! Woooooo got my 5lbser! So stoked!
Super pumped! 1st smallie of the day! So we stayed in the area knowing there's more! No more hits!
So I decided to toss topwater!
I catch a nice 4lbser sweet!
Then a 2lbser!
Next cast huge monster smokes it! Jumps clean out of the water!
Fight the fish! Get it in the net! I'm like that's a F***ING 6 lbser!!!!!
I'm shaking and hyperventilating! I weigh it! 6.9! I CAUGHT A 6.9!!!!!! ON A TOPWATER!!!!!! Catch another 3 after that!
2 PB smallies in one day!!!!!!!!! 5.5 and 6.9 !!!!

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cape trip

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deep cape

went down to the cape sunday! wanted to schout out some new water. slow day, couldnt figure out the pattern. fish were scattered. missed a good fish on a down tree on a jig. couple of dinks.
i decided to do a hail mary and hit a pond on the way home that ive been to many times before,at sundown with topwater. i started with a mini buzz jet, nothing so i switched to a sexy dawg. (walk the dawg style bait) nothing at first but the last area i hit, i caught one.
this fish hit twice, before i hooked up. i paused the bait and BAMMM!!!! FISH ON!! this was the highlight of the day besides having lunch at one of my favorite bars down there

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4/13 afternoon

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honey hole
went out to a pond ive been doing good at all winter! been couple weeks since ive been here! found fish along edges, on flats, in trees and docks! caught fish on a tubes and craws!
biggest went 4.7. caught 7 bass! 6 largies and a smallie! caught the smallie on a buzz jet at dusk! saw lot of fish up top at night but didnt get any after that smallie!

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good weekend

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honey hole
3/12/2016 - 3/13/2016

went out saturday! tough pickins at first! but i figured out the pattern. caught 5 bass with few good hits for a couple of hours!
they wanted a boag hog barrel bug 1/4 ounce finesse jig in camo color with cabin creek trailer. caught from 15 feet deep to up under docks.
biggest of the day was 3.12

sunday wind was brutal. it sucked! i caught one bass! also caught 6 turtles! fishing sucked so it was fun going turtle catchin.
went to a different pond later in the day! pickerel were going nuts! caught about a dozen or so pickerel.
caught one fat perch
and finaly caught a bass on a topwater at dusk.

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open water. WOOOOO

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perch honey hole
2/20/2016 - 2/21/2016

went out saturday, wanted to fish one of my favorite spots but that was still completely locked, so i went to check out a new pond. it was lot windier then i expected and didnt dress warm enough. first cast on the Real Prey perch caught a little guy, nothing big but caught the first 5 largmouths of the year at the new spot.

sunday went to a pond that ive fished at before. i fished jerkbaits,jigs, swimbaits and glides and got nothing so i switched up to a blade. blades work very good here. i caught a 2.2lbs yellow and a 3.3lbs largemouth.
on the way home i decided to check out another pond. ive been here once years ago but my buddy was being a pain in the ass, cuz he gets bored to quickly when fishing, so he was f***in around with fire crackers. didnt catch fish that day. well i checked it out again. i wanted to see if theres any bass in here. fished the sunny side of the pond, so the water was warmed up a little. caught 4 dink bass on jigs and my first pickerel of the year. glad to know theres fish here, now lets see if theres any biggons.

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smallie honey hole

got out yesterday for some open water bass fishing.
tough bite but got the job done.

hope you guys are having fun ice fishing, im having a blast catching open water smallies in january.

been getting fish every weekend since new years!

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first few fish of the year

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perch honey hole
1/2/2016 - 1/3/2016

hit 2 ponds this weekend in the yak. caught a few perch and smallies.
super pumped. first fish of the year!

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2lbs yellows

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new favorite perch spot

went out 2 weeks ago!
post front conditions. first pond SUCKED, me and my buddy had 2 fish and a few hits. hail mary we went to a new pond for an hour! with in the first 10 minutes i had my first bass of the day!
we caught 8 fish in that 1hour.


2 days later in the pouring rain! my buddy and i went back to that pond for an hour! i was waiting to pick up a awesome new swimbait combo. so he fished for an hour! I GET ANOTHER 2LBS PERCH!!!!!!!! SUPER PUMPED!!!!!!!

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NH yak trout

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my favorite trout spot

went to NH this past week for skiing. brought up my yak, im usually ice fishing this lake during this trip. saturday was the last good day, low 40s calm and sunny! the rest of the week was cold and snowy. first time in the yak here and ive only gone trout fishing here. i decided to go for bass! no bass not even a nibble. fished the whole lake for bass. decided to switch up to trout.
they were only hitting inline spinners. im sure they would of hit spoons and small jerkbaits but i had a rod with 10lb mono i used for finesse lure for bass! so i wasnt rigged up for trout!

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up state NY

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10/23/2015 - 11/1/2015

just got back from upstate NY.
fishing was tough!
i had to hunt for fish!
stealthy slow and quite. fish were there just had to look for em! not as many fish as last year! when i found fish! i had to work to get it!

got the job done!
caught many nice browns! biggest was 11.3 lbs!
1 steelie, 5.3
few kings biggest 31lbs.
10 carp
CAUGHT MY FIRST EVER CARP AND STEELIE!!! REALLY PUMPED!!!!!! caught 10 carp. nothing big! saw a huge one!

only caught one steelie! oh well! saw some huge steelies. saw this one hit and it fought awesome.
i may have hooked into another. i hooked up to a huge fish i couldnt stop! it didnt fight like the salmon. it just took line and kept going. the salmon change direction. and can be stopped.

also had my first ever pike! i reeled in my lure to recast and the pike exploded as i pulled the lure out of the water! oh well!! I WILL I WILL I WILL I WILL GET THAT FIRST PIKE!!!

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new PB

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went out after work with my buddy. was gona bring the boat but my back was killing me. well the first pond was a bad. fish were out deep and we were wading, couldnt reach em.

so hit a new pond. slow action again, but my buddy caught a 6 here few weeks ago. i catch a small pickerel on a perch swimbait.
switched up to a 5 inch lunker city fin-s fish texas rigged. couple of small taps!

so i decided to swim across the pond to a good looking spot. few cast later this beast inhaled my bait. good little fight.
i had to swim across the pond with the 7.5lbser to get my phone and scale.

the beast weighed 7.5lbs!!!! NEW PB!!!

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good day

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cant tell ya

went out saturday. our plan was to fish a big pond but we had no battery for trolling motor! so we fished a smaller pond killing a few hours before west marine opens. we fished half the pond. caught a dozen smallies biggest 2 lbs!

finally get the new battery! i was setting up the trollling motor my buddy takes a cast! he catches a 3.6 lbs largie first cast at the new spot! pulled a few nice bass! 4lbs smallie couple of largies pushing 4lbs. wind started cranking so we packed up for the last 4 hours of day light!

new pond slow bite! but we caught another 15 bass and a bunch of pickerel! nothing big here!

last cast i had a huge blow up on a swimbait! sounded like a cinder block getting tossed in the water! bass totaly missed the bait! but i was a biggon!

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been busy catchin fish

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every where
had a good opening day at the resi! slept 2 hours walked 6 miles fished 12 hours! 2 mile walk in! the original spot was already taken so he found a new one! first 10 minutes! my buddy caught a nice laker! i had bunch of hits! short strikes! teeth marks right behind the hook!
botcher ended up with 2 lakers! vinny caught 3! his first time out there and he pulls in 3! i had a s*** ton of bites! only landed 1! lost the biggest laker of my life! the way it hit and felt!
that night on the way home i passed by a pond i said theres a tank right there! so i stopped! didnt even cast! i dropped it right in the culvert! BAM. caught a 4lbser 1st 4 of the season.

that week! i went back up to the resi! it was blowing 100mph! i drove 1hr15 minutes after work! im not turning back! tried 3 spots! finaly got out of the wind at spot 3. the wind was to my backl! the wind was blowing over a point and creating a rip line! i caught my first resi smallie! SOOOO PUMPED!!! wish i had my scale! of course i forgot it! but i think the fish was 4lbs! UP FOR DISCUSSION!

i did fairly well the next few days couple of good smallies and largies! back at the resi a week after opening day! i got skunked! my buddy vinny caught 1 laker on bait! we only fished half day! aquaman finally got a laker after getting skunked opening day! he caught 3 and nice bow!
i drove vinny to new bedford to go to work! so i had some time to fish on the way home! spot 1 caught some small pickerel! missed a decent fish! i decided to go back to the pond i caught that 4lbser! instead i caught my first 5lbser! 5.9 SO PUMPED!!! same spot!!!! same lure! samething! not even 10 minutes didnt even cast! dropped it right in the culvert BAM!!
hit my favorite smallie pond! saw the biggest smallie of my life(at the time) just nibble at my bait! GRRRR!!! no fish that day!
next day went out to the pond where i caught that 5.9! but this time i busted out the yak! caught a 4.5 and a few smaller fish!

couple more trips! couple more bass! blah blah blah blah blah.

last saturday i went to the quabbin first time ever on a boat! tough bite! calm winds clear skies bright sun! we still caught fish! i caught 8. couldnt bust out of the 3lbs range all my smallies were 3lbs smallest was 3.1 biggest 3.13. the guy that took us out! caught 10! biggest 5.1 and a few lakers

aquaman only caught 2 smallies at the end of the day!

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i love the resi
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4/18/2015 - 4/22/2015

opening day= got 1 hour of sleep drove 2hours. fished 12 hours. walked 6miles. spot number 1 was the winner. 10min in my buddy lands a nice one!

i had a ton of hits! most hits outa everybody! but i could only land one fish! my buddys first time out there he lands 3. rest of the day no fish! i did miss a large fish in the afternoon!

on my way home from deaffishermens house! at 9pm i was driving past a pond! me being me! i said theres a tank sitting right there right now! so i had to stop! didnt even cast literaly dropped it in the culvert BAM!!! wasnt there for 10 minutes!

aquaman didnt catch anything! SHOCKING. he had a few hits

day 2. went out yesterday by myself! drove 1hr 15 after work! it was blowing 100mph. my first spot was a no go!took the hike and it was so bad! did miss a fish casting in the wind! but the wind was so bad i couldnt feel it! i saw it splash! hiked to a new spot thinkin it was calm! nope. little calmer but still horrible.

spot 3. wind was to my back! had a nice point the wind was blowing over! that created a nice rip and lots of current! but i found a spot near that rip where it was calm! saw a laker follow my lure. so i was pumped to know fish were around!
10minutes left cuz it was getting dark! i was alone and deep in the woods!
BAM nice smallie! super pumped! my first ever resi smallie!

few casts
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small pond

coming back from a buddys house! i had family coming over for dinner but i said screw it i gota stop!

fished a small pond. they were stacked up at the culvert. stood back so i wouldnt spook em! caught this nice chunk!
to lazy to get my scale at my truck! oh well! nice 2-3lbser

3 hits 1 fish! i had more but they were tiny little hits! the 3 i had were good fish! one fish had some weight to it! it hit hard!

first smallie of the year
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smallie honey hole

went smallie hunting yesterday. we fished 3 ponds. 1 only produced.
we waded the whole pond.
only found 2 schools of fish that where close enough to shore.
we fished a spot near were we found them ice fishin. the fish are still deep but they are becoming more active

all fish were caught on texas rigged plastics. 1 hit on a jerkbait no hits on hudds

first bass of the season!
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Old favorite

so my plans changed. i had time to kill so i decided to go check an old favorite out! it was still ice up but had enough water to cast!

fishing the deepest spot! nice little 10 foot hole in a long narrow cove! to a cast over the ice near some brush!
SLOWLY!!!! dragged the weedless hudd on bottom! BAM!!! felt like a good one!

it swims under the ice! i had to pop it through the soft ice! SO PUMPED I CAUGHT ONE!!!!!!!

chunky 3.12

epic day

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south valley
so our plan was to fish a new pond. we bushed whacked our way through woods. the ice looked sketchy but we wanted to check it anyways. i had the rope ready while my buddy ventured out. while standing in the marshy shoreline. the ice gave way and fell in.
we didnt fish this pond.

we packed up hit a new pond. THANK GOD WE DID! had 15 traps outs. 4 inches of ice. we smoked em.
5 minutes in not even set up the spread yet, i had 2 flags 1 screaming run but it drop the bait.
15 minutes in we had 5 fish. all bass. this area slowed. so we had the spread out even more. across the pond.

my buddy kept his traps in the first area, while my other buddy and i spread out across the pond.

i hooked into A SLOB! i set one way out with the biggest shiner i had. flag went up. SCREAMING!!! i grab the line. fish is in a log. i feel the fish thumping but my line was stuck. after 10 minutes it drops the bait. i was pumped more then sad. cuz that was an awesome fish.

tons more flags. at noon. the bite died down. i was hungry so i went to get lunch and beers. i get a text saying you hooked into a monster. i hurry back, they didnt land the fish, i pick it up, its stuck in the same damn stump! AHHH!!!! i felt the fish, but it was stuck. i broke the line on that. chaffed off! the 30lbs dracon ice line broke!

i had a flag up, i was running to it, my buddy yells over says you got another. he asked if he could get it, he lands a 5lbser. while i lost my fish.

chasing flags all day. 6 dozen shiners. 40 fish caught. all bass and 2 huge perch, no pickerel or crappies. we lost 40 fish to

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outer banks trip

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went to outer banks last april. awesome time. fishing was slow

i was hopping to get some reds and sea trout but water was only 50 degrees. i wish i brought my freshwater gear.

found a small pond near the house we were staying at. caught a few nice bass nothing huge. luckily it was warm so i could wade. had only light tackle saltwater. the heddon spooks were the hot lure and a gold redfish chatter bait.

caught a few bass biggest 2.5lbs. missed a huge bass that smoked a red head zara spook.. took me into some trees. the tree was next to me. i was thinking of going swiming for it but i dont know what kinds of turtles and snakes live here.
saw a huge gar come up after my spook. never had the fish, as it missed the bait.
i drove 20 miles to a fish peir a few times. the big skates were bitting good, but i wanted a new fish. a few days later i finaly caught some puffer fish.

these fish were really cool. they made a weird noise when you caught them. you had to rub their belly to blow em up.

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