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Name:took muskie on a brooksy adventure tour...
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Details:so the weekend starts quite different from most of my weekends being that friday i only had a half night of work (full nights pay though ) and my old lady was taking the kids to maine for the long weekend so i felt like a teenager again at home all weekend with no responsibility other than keeping the cat and dog fed and not getting myself into any major trouble ;) oh and catching a few nice fish for this little arrogant angler contest put on by jwall so i fished starting friday night around 8:30 pm til bout 2am then left the house early saturday morning and stayed out til way late again and i did ok that day catching a mirror carp around 7 and a half lbs as well as a bunch of hornpout and some small bass but nothing major other than my carp which to me is a nice fish but to actual dedicated carp anglers is a mere pipsqueak! so anyways sunday morning comes around and i begin to pester my ol pal muskie about coming out to fish this contest with me and i got him to stop by my house for a quick visit and to check out my fish tank and what not. so i says to him hop in my truck and lets take a little ride i wanna show you one of my favorite spots and see what you think. so we hop in and take a drive to my little slice of heaven that is fairly secluded but also hidden in plain view in the middle of suburbia, a spot where many of the freshwater fish that the 2 of us go to great lengths to find and catch. apparently the brooksy adventure tour did right by bringing muskie to my spot cause he had a look of awe in his eyes like a little kid walking into a newly opened toy store for the first time and i guess he saw the potential that i had originally saw in the spot when i first found it and began to fish it.soon we went from talks of what i had cought there in the past to what the 2 of us would be catching there that night lol. we made plans to meet back up after a few hours so we could get baits in the water and begin to play the waiting game only we had a one up on the ol waiting game because we came prepared with beer ;) so about 330 pm or so we get to the spot and start chumming for carp and thats when i take my boat rod and ocean reel out and proceed to hook a ruffly 7 inch long hunk of sucker tail that i had been saving so i could throw it out and hope ol man essox came home for dinner. so we have 3 lines wet at this point ,2 waiting for carp that i happen to know frequent this area and my big boat rod with half a fish on the other end in the middle of the pikes front doorway. around 630 pm i start to throw out a senko to try and see if any bass are home when out the corner of my eye i see line flying off my carp reel and before i had time to register what was happening i hear muskie say " brooksy your on!!" so as fast as i could i reeled in my senko and ended up just chucking the rod in the reeds next to us cause i was taking to long to get to this damn fish! i pick up the rod close the bail and go to set when i felt it! wham! then the next thing i felt was heart break and dissapointment as the huge weight i had initially felt swam away cause i had set the hook to hard :( all that waiting and i choked at the moment of truth lol not the first time and certainly not the last, it happens to the best of us and im not embarrassed to say that sometimes i just downright forget how to fish when the pressure mounts haha. so we get that hook baited and back in the water but saw no more carp action the rest of the time . BUT what happened next was like a wet dream come true, you know when you throw a big bait out someplace and wait and say to yourself "if i only get one bite all day please god let it be that one" well my heart stopped as we watched in awe at the 30 lb mono spooled on my 25 year old penn jigmaster dancing around in the water as if something was knocking on the other end asking if i was home. again i here "brooksy your on" as muskie scrambled to get our carp lines out of the water in perparation for the fight to come! surely this must be big if its going for a sucker tail that is more than half the length of my foot ! (i wear size 12) so i gently pick up my giant boat rod that is on freespool with the bait clicker on so the second my bait starts to run we would hear that oh so wonderful clicking sound then buzzing once it picked up speed ! but ... it only twitched then lunged forward a few times rather than make the crazy run that we were expecting to see so i wait... and wait some more... and im being as patient as i can possibly be because last thing i want to do is jump the gun and risk pulling my bait out of the mouth of what ever is on the other end... then finally i saw f*** it ! flick the lever to engage the reel , pull in a little slack , lean back in my fighting seat ( a big boulder i was leaned against for leverage lol) and set that goddamn hook like ive never set anything previously! rod bends like crazy and i feel immense weight! but then the weight stays stationary, so i give it a little slack to run but it dosent.. i stand up and pull some more and thats when i feel it, it was stuck behind a rock and i was fighting an inanimate object :( dohhh!!! how dissapointing. so reel it in and check the bait to see that it is all chewed up and half eaten to the opint where i just tossed it out and put on a fresh large hunk of sucker meat and tossed it back in the same spot. now i could go on and on about how the same thing happened almost minutes after my bait hit the water (which it did) and my line got so tight this time that i swear that clicker was going to start sounding any second so i wait... but then it goes slack again and noones home... at this point it was getting later ,around 9 ish and we were tired and muskie had to head home so we packed it in and left our (mostly my) shattered dreams of catching a couple monsters in the lake until the next outing. all said and done i had one big bite on the carp rod then a whole buttload of movement on my dead bait line and even a mutilated tail that something was chowing on but we will never truly know exactly what, snapping turtle? or light biting essox? either way i had a blast fishing and drinking with an old friend and my heart was pumping and adrenaline was coursing threw my veins the rest of the night. does it really get any better than this??? no sir i think not :) til next time


Not much to add after that, hahahahaha

Location:misc lake , ma
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Water Type:freshwater
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lol yep its an awsome heart pumping feeling as well as a s***ty suck ass feeling when you never get to find out what it was lol. all i know is that it was quite literally half of a fish lol, the sucker i had in my freezer was 2 feet long and weighed over 2 and a lhalf lbs so i cut it into multiple pieces and used the tail first . whatever was going after that tail was a biggin
05/29/13 08:38 PM

Nice there is nothing like the unknown of what has taken a large bait!I was on cloud 9 the other day when I sort of caught that pike lol Still smile when I picture it in my mind and the heart starts pumping out of control all over again ha ha!
05/29/13 08:18 PM

Thanks guys I have always been known for being very descriptive with my stories and bloomgoo I agree they could be better proof read before posting lol I always just type it as I'm reliving it in memory so while I try to give great details so the reader can visualize what happened I also tend to get too into it and forget how me speak engish langige... lol glad to keep u guys entertained and thanks for the constructive criticism hopefully the next one will be a masterpiece ;)
05/28/13 09:45 PM

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