"Get Hooked on New York"

The one that got away! 8/17/11 Details
Name:The one that got away! 8/17/11
Created By:eepthebassraider
Details:Got down to Onota lake aroud 7:30ish, forgetting that today was live on the lake. (Live bands on stage at lake). So it was crazy. Lake packed with boats, fishing pier packed with minors who were jumping off and swimming.

So i find a parking spot (last one!) and start walking through the woods to one of my favorite spots on the lake. I get to my spot which I call smallie cove. So I start with a rather large inline spinner white tail gold blade. No bites, switch it up to a sunfish colored lipless crainkbait, still nothing.

I decide that well its roughly 8:15-8:20 getting pretty dark 1 last lure than I am out. I put on a blue/white senko wacky rigged on a 4/0 octopus hook. Cast 3-4 times no bites, 5th cast hit i set the hook 10 sec later gone!

Well i get a bite I am not about to get up and leave, so I cast around a bit more. About 3 miinutes later bang another good bite. The fights on! Sally breaks the water...she's a big one. she pulls some more, another breach! I'm excited!

I get her all the way to the rock I am fishing on, oh s***! The rock is about 6 feet above the water....so i get down to water level she is still tugging and pulling, jumps one more time.

I get her to my feet, reach out and.......................SNAP! The worst sound i could possibly imagine.....the line snaps. Good job me remember the net next time lol.

I was using 4lb test this could of been the culprit but hey i spooled the reel with it lol.

Anyway i missed out on a big smallie casted a few more times. No bites. Decided to call it quits and try again another day.
Location:Onota Lake
Trip Date:8/17/2011
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Myself I never use 4lb test, 6 is what I throw on my spinning reel, if you work the fish until they get tired this will help, but sounds like to a a large drop you had to work with, so you where screwed from word go, better luck next time, good fish story!
08/17/11 10:18 PM

Yeah man, you gotta use heavier line next time! I recently had a massive smallie break my line and I was using 12lb test although I think she had help from a rock. I'll forever be haunted by that fish
08/17/11 09:36 PM

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