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Sand Trout Details
Name: Sand Trout
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Cynoscion arenarius
Common Names: sand seatrout, Sand Trout, White Trout, Sand Seatrout
Ideal Water Temp: 25-30 degrees (C)
World Record: 6lbs 2 ozs
Description: This is an elongated fish with a mouthful of teeth. Usually 1 or 2 extra-large teeth are located in the front of the upper jaw. Body is silver, with a yellow cast above and the fins are yellowish. When sand seatrout grow larger than a pound, they develop a beautiful iridescent lavender cast on their heads and the front part of their bodies. Sand seatrout eat fishes and shrimp. They are rated as the number one shrimp predator in the Gulf of Mexico.
Sand seatrout are found Gulfwide, from bay and estuarine waters to offshore waters 300 feet deep. Larger fish are more common in offshore waters of moderate depths and in deep holes inshore. It prefers sand or mud bottoms. In the Gulf of Mexico, the fish is least common in southern Florida. Seasonally, large sand seatrout will congregate at offshore oil and gas platforms in moderately shallow water depths.
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Seavers Cove Seavers Cove
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   Sand trout Sand trout
Sand trout
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