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RI Perfect Kayak Spot Details
Name:RI Perfect Kayak Spot
Created By:riderer123
Details:So I always go to this place, usually with my buddies Carl and Joe. We love this place, its windy (but where isn't windy?). Its not that deep, but it has some nice drop offs and shallows where bass spawn. I used to think there weren't too many lunkers until I just found this one and my buddy Carl just got a 5 pound 6 ouncer (not shown in this trip).

The trip started shortly after I seen about 6 teens get out of the pond after swimming and being loud (like we all were). I was like damn, that probobly scared the crap out of the fish. Wow was I wrong. They left, but then I see 2 kayaker fisherman out there looking like a MIRROR image of my friends and I trying to find some nice ones. I start off by sweating my butt off in my kayak and getting insanely angry about the small bass i'm bringing in next to these guys (while they are "claiming" they are getting good ones and bragging all loud and stuff). Didn't look like they were weighing the fish, but saying stuff was 3 pounds and 4 and 5 and such. Like most people say "The human eye adds 1 pound to a fish." So I wasn't hating on these guys though, I was glad they were having fun, but I was just having a rough bite!

I was getting so mad about being 1.) Wicked hot and 2.) Getting crappy bass, I was about to call it quits, but hit up some spots I never do.

I casted to the end of some lily pads, literally saying to myself "Why am I even attempting to catch anything else since its like 8pm now" SMASH! She grabbed into my worm and jumped completely out into the air. Ive never seen such stuff in my life. Fighting insanely and pulling drag like a race car, I finally get her in my hands for a pic 2 short movies and release (not really a release since she wiggled out of my hand when I wanted her to go back anyways).

Awesome time, but felt guilty about kinda being a poor sport towards the beginning in my own mind.

Weight: 5 pounds 1 ounce
Trip Date:7/8/2012
# of Hotspots:0
# of Photos:2
# of Fish Caught:0
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User Discussion:
Sorry guys, I cant share, my friend would kill me (i acutally think its private) but here's a hint : its pretty smack dab in middle of central RI.
07/18/12 04:24 PM

He's clearly withholding the info deliberately. Placed his photo locations in the ocean. Guess he's not into sharing. :(
07/17/12 05:48 PM

hey man .. great fish ! but i missed where you were fishing... i live in the south eastern mass / RI area... always looking for something new
07/17/12 05:45 PM

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