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Rain Day Slug Fest Details
Name:Rain Day Slug Fest
Created By:volume4130
Details:Got the call at 6:15 that we weren't working today because of the rain...tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't stop thinking about hitting my local spot. I always seem to do pretty well when its rainy there. Took my time and got my stuff together, had some breakfast and a coffee, threw my kayak on the car and I was on my way. On the water by 8:30 and it was raining so hard I couldn't make out any of the patches of lily pads that are usually all over the lake.

Fished the usual start out spots and landed 2 small keepers and moved on. I've never had much luck fishing the downed trees in this spot, but this have never stopped me from fishing them anyway. I noticed a tree that looked to be recently down, as I haven't noticed it before. Cast toward one side and hook up with a 3 lb 1oz largemouth. Document and release it, then cast to the other side of the small tree and hook up with a 2lb 5 oz. Bout time I get something out of the trees here!

I then moved along the different sections of pads heading down the lake, picking up some small keepers in the 1 pound range here and there. I got to another downed tree where I've caught a nice bass at before, and end up hooking up with another one, this one at 3 lbs 7 oz. The head on this fish was enormous, but the rest of the body wasn't quite as filled out...still a solid fish.

These fish were all caught on 5" green swimsenkos t-rigged weightless. I caught a few more on this pattern, but then the wind picked up, so I switched over to a gray/black/gold spinnerbait with gold blades and caught a few more right off the bat. Once I got to the far end of the lake, I had one jump at the lure about 2 feet away from the boat and completely miss the lure. I thought it was going to jump right in the boat and scared the crap out of me. It looked to be another solid fish, probably in the 3 pound range, but he disappeared after his acrobatics display. I then missed another smaller fish that spit the hook. Next cast landed right next to the weedline and something exploded on the lure...3 lb 12 oz hog.

I was thinking that the day was going pretty well, and now I just needed that nice 5 pounded to finish it off. I cast toward another weed line just a few minutes later and had another explosion. This one was big. Battled it for several minutes and then got it in the boat. It was big, and I was hoping it would make the 5 pound mark, which I haven't hit this year, but it came up just short at 4lbs 12 oz. Who can complain with that though? At least I know my visual scale is somewhat close to my actual scale...

The wind was blowing me back towards the other side of the lake, where I put in, so I continued casting the spinnerbait towards the weedbeds and this produced several more bass in the 1 1/2-2lb range, with the largest of the drift being 2lbs 5 oz. I tried fishing around some other spots near the launch, but by this time I was completely soaked through, and the wind was blowing pretty good, so I decided to call it a day.

I ended up with 24 bass, best 5 going 17lbs 5 oz, and lunker at 4 lbs 12oz. Not bad! Today proved 2 things: The fish are definitely more active in the rain at this spot, and that my rain gear needs fresh coat of waterproofer on it!
Location:Lincoln, MA
Trip Date:8/15/2011
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