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Putnamville Reservoir Details
Name:Putnamville Reservoir
Created By:jcallery89
Details:*Edited 5/20/15
Took my buddy fishing this past Sunday, decided to hit up the Putnamville Reservoir again, same spot that I had a little luck at before. We get right up to where the little runoff/dam thing is and immediately see 2 LARGE fish. One is a decent smallmouth who is guarding a nest, and the other was a beast of a largemouth darting around like crazy.

It was a really warm, sunny day, and the water temp is definitely getting up there. Fish are getting more active, but I still can't tell if it's Pre-spawn, or post-spawn just yet...(any tips are welcomed!).

We both tossed in some senkos (black/pink and watermelon w/red flake) and didn't get anything for the first 20 minutes. So we decided to toss it into the little dam right below us and we decided to start playing piss-off-the-smallmouth-protecting-its-bed by dropping lure after lure. It was actually really cool to watch, since the water was so clear and the sun was shining perfectly in that area. The fish would take a senko only after about 20 secs of the worm sitting there, bite it in the middle and slowly move it out of the bed about 3 feet away. It would then do a victory lap or something, like "yeah I'm the man, house is clean, wife's gunna be stoked" and then comes back and sits there. We finally hooked it on that lure that everyone has that needs to be thrown out but you feel like it will come in handy some day right? Well it came in handy for sure.

Unfortunately, the bass seemed a lot larger as we viewed it from above than it actually was once we got out of the water (see pic).

Caught another smallmouth about 15 yards from the shore with another senko. Sorry if I look like a schmuck in both the pictures. I had hernia surgery last Thursday so I was still in pain. You can call me Sally, go ahead.

My buddy caught a nice largemouth, but took the pic with his phone since he was on the other side of the dam. Was about a 2 pounder.

Left the reservoir and hit up Mill Pond in Danvers afterwards. That's another story for another day, because I'm pretty sure I either saw the biggest ****** bass I've ever seen, or it was a carp. Threw everything at it for a few hours and didn't even get a bite. If anyone has any intel on Mill Pond in Danvers, PM me!
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