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Details:This year we have been trying out a lot of new spots. We had struck out gaining access to a few places that I heard great things about. They were private or impossible access. One night driving home after not having access, we drive by a place that looks interesting and also hidden from view. There is an hours at best left of light. We decide lets try it. Picked up a few fish right away. As dark fell upon us, the fish went nuts feeding. We cruised around the place and pretty much got hits on everything thrown. Place looks great, structure, pads lots of wood, but all spread apart nicely and easy to fish. We caught 60 or so fish. Here is the thing, they were all 1.5 1.75 lb fish, with 2 lb fish thrown in here or there. They were hitting dead sticked slammers and everything else. It was fun and definitely worth checking out in the daytime. We return another morning and fish for maybe 4 hours. The fish were not in the same spots, but we did find them deeper. Same thing, all stunted under 2 pound fish. Not worth going back.

spot 2

Long paved road makes access tough if gate is closed. If gate is open, you can drive down and unload, then park on street.
The gate got locked on us by afternoon, we had a long way to carry a lot of stuff. Roger tried to get police to open gate for us. They sent the Fire department, they showed up and just drove away. Not seeing any cars behind the gate, they assumed we got out. Roger ended up removing a security barrier pole,poorly cemented in ground, allowing us to drive in and load up. Was it worth it? Roger caught a heavy 3 and a 5 on a frog. Odd hay like weed beds, had some big bass under them. The frog got them out. I caught a lot of decent fish there, and Rog had a nice lunker. I don't think it's worth going back.

Spot 3 didn't work out, caught fish but would never go back.

Spot 4 is a place we fished a few weeks before. I did well and caught some decent fish. Rog caught a few but could not get them to bite. I liked the place and we wanted to fish it again. We went back and did some night fishing. The buzzbait was key, but you really had to work it. I caught 6 bass on the buzz, best 5 going 20 lbs. haha It was fun. Rog got the SKUNK.

I hooked up with fellow maff member Ted. We fished from 6 am to Noon. I picked up a few on the buzz again. We got them on jigs as well. The morning was off to a good start. We were fishing in a cove that previously did not fish well. I was throwing a buzz again, when this massive wake came up behind it. I am thinking big pickerel. It sucks down the buzzbait, hardly a hard hit at all. I'm hooked up and it's swimming at the boat. We get a real good look at it. It's a HUGE fish, substantially bigger than several 7 lb fish I have caught. It came in easy and then made a run when at boat. I had to swing him around trolling motor. As I did this he was coming up and inches away from Ted grabbing him. The lure pops out, fish gone. Dead silence. Just reporting what happened from two guys who experienced it. It matters not who believes me. I would of preferred to hold it and not just tell a story. I have a decent big bass resume, I know what to compare it too. Obviously it greatly adds to the allure of this place. So anyway, Ted has to leave at Noon and Roger is coming to take his place. We do well and catch some quality fish. Rog had 5 fish or so. I had a lot more than that. lol. He would have his day.

Roger and I returned another day. We get on the water before 4 am. I pick up a few nice fish on a slammer right away. The buzz was dead and the jig bite was slow. I picked up a few on worms. The ones we were catching were nice heavy 3's. I caught a 4+ on the slammer and then the bite went dead for a bit. The wind had picked up and the water had a good chop to it. 100 yards off shore in the chop, the slammer bite turns on. We catch some more heavy 3's and a 4. Roger then gets a massive hit and brings in a 4.11. Few more good fish in between and Roger gets another massive hit. He brings in a 6.8 lb fatty. His new PB. Was a beautiful heavy fish. We added a few more 4's. The big fish came out to play today.
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Nice fish man!
09/09/15 07:49 PM

Yes, extra large jerkbaits!
08/03/15 07:11 PM

let me guess? jerkbaits?
08/03/15 06:01 PM

It really was an epic day for me! At few 4 lb'ers, a bunch of 3's and a new PB 6.8! How can you go wrong?
08/02/15 03:58 PM

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