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Northern Pike Details
Name: Northern Pike
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Esox lucius
Common Names: Pike
Ideal Water Temp: 50-55 degrees
World Record: 55lb-10z Lake of Grefeern, Germany Oct. 16, 1986 Lothar Louis
Description: http://www.landbigfish.com/fish/fish.cfm?ID=16

Like the muskellunge, Esox masquinongy, and the pickerels, E. n**** and E. americanus, it is a long, sleek, predatory fish with a broad, flat mouth resembling a ducks bill, and a single dorsal fin located on the posterior portion of the body. In body shape the members of the pike group are all identical, but the northern pike can be distinguished from its relatives by three main features. Most noticeably the greenish or yellowish sides of the fish are covered with lighter colored oblong horizontal spots or streaks, whereas all other species have darker markings than the background color.

This species may be seperated from other members of the pike family in that it is greenish-gray with numerous yellowish-white bean shaped spots on its sides and has dorsal, caudal and anal fins blotched with brown or black. It is a species that was introduced to NH waters and was formerly restricted to the Connecticut River and Spofford Lake of Chesterfield, NH. They can now be found in about a dozen lakes throughout the state. They prefer cooler waters than the pickerel but are not always found in cold waters; otherwise their habitat is similar. Pike feed mostly on fish, but also eat insects, leaches, frogs, ducklings and small muskrats. The Northern Pike is highly sought by fisherman for it's fighting qualities. It is a tremendous fighter and may be taken on almost any kind of lure, as well as flies and large bass bugs. The Pike is not highly valued as a food fish, it is rather bony and, because of a heavy mucus secretion on the skin, should be skinned before cooking, otherwise a disagreeable flavor may result. The Northern Pike is one of the fastest growing freshwater species. The NH state record is 26 pounds 9.44 ounces and 44.5 inches in length taken from Moore Reservoir in 2013.

Massachusetts State Record is 35 lbs 0 oz caught by Don Greenwood Jr. in 1988 at South Pond
Brookfield, MA
Connecticut State Record is 29 lbs 0 oz caught by Joseph Nett in 1980 Lake Lillinonah, Brookfield
Rhode Island State Record is 35 lbs 47 1/2 in caught by D. LaRose in 1987 Hundred Acre Pond
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My First Pike! My First Pike!
I had seen fish jumping at the mouth of the river (for the bay) before, and decided to cast some yamas as the wind pushed me back. Guy dragged me around a bit too. He measured out at 6.5 pounds and 35 inches
Added by nefisherman92 from the trip entitled Adventures on Fairhaven Bay (Our First Pike!)
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# of Ratings: 2
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   Catching Pike Catching Pike
Added by walleyefanatic from the trip entitled Trolling For Northerns
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36"Northern Pike 36"Northern Pike
Added by trackerboats87
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Near some pontoon boats but not off the dock
Added by shawneramone from the trip entitled Fishing for smalies and I land a big pike
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7/28/13 - Bonus Fish 7/28/13 - Bonus Fish
My Largest Pictured Pike So Far
Added by meat7gtk from the trip entitled 7/26/13-7/28/13 - Avid Anglers @ Lake Champlain (St. Albans)
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   Added by steviebrown141

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