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Name:Most Recent till 8/15/11
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Details:The next pictures are pretty important to me. I had some notable catches and would like to show you guys these fish. There were two lunkers (to me since I don't ever catch anything over 3lbs)

One of these beasts were caught in some shady spot in RI (but you are able to fish there, just noone goes) and of course Maspy. These guys were twins but from like 1 hour away from each other. Both of these guys were 3.5 pound largies and loved catching both.

The first was in some crazy spot where noone fishes and I got a decent largie and then one 3.5 pound (biggest in like 2 years for me). My buddy was pretty pissed off I caught it so he didn't want to even take a pic of me holding it! But she was taken in the middle of the reservoir and shot down (luckily she couldn't jump) and got weeds on her. I thought it was a pike at first (because there are some over 5lb pike there that like to take lures). But I was happy as hell as it was taken almost at sun down.

The second 3.5 pounder was caught at Maspy. This was my favorite because its my biggest at this location (ever).
She jumped out of the water

Location:Maspy and Crazy Spot RI
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Trip Video: 3.5 Pound Largemouth Bass

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