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Name:Monponsett West/East
Created By:sinista
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Details:Set out early this morning with the intentions of having a peek at the launch site for tomorrows tourney (Oldham Pond) and then planned to slide over to Furnace, taking into consideration we could pay to launch from Chips Ramp.
About 20 minutes into the ride my buddy Dave blows a stop sign and wouldnt ya know on come the blues....dam!
He's practically a saint, but my past is....lets just say not the type of past you want to have...
any how this gets funny, the cop walks over to the window and says license and registration..
Dave says, sure Im gonna reach in my glove compartment and grab my registration, then Im going to reach in my pocket and grab my license...
The cop is like OK...Did you pull me over cause I have a trailer light out ?? The cops says no , did you not notice the big red octagon that says STOP back there??? LMFAO
So off to the crusier he goes to run our info, we are all legit so I could be less concerned..
Dave says thats how you talk to cops you let them know what move your going to make before you make it, they like that and 99% of the time you'll just get a warning..
Ok sir heres your ticket for 100$ for running the stop sign , have a nice day.....
Im like so much for that theory working huh??? We both lost it in laughter.
Anyway we ended up at Monponsett, 5 minutes in I landed a 3 maybe 3.5lb flippin a tree, swung her up on the deck and she popped off, I proceeded to dive on her like she was a fumble (this type of s*** is what memories are made of) we laughed the remainded of the day about that one too.
Dave lands a sweet 4.3 lb aboout an hour later flippin some pads as well (see pic) all in all we got some where around 10 fish in a few hours, slipped under the bridge from West to East and landed a few more..
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