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Mako Shark Details
Name: Mako Shark
Water Type: saltwater
Latin Name: Isurus oxyrinchus
Common Names: Short Fin Mako
Ideal Water Temp: 15-30 degrees
World Record: 1,221 lbs Mass.
Description: There are two species of mako. One mako species, the longfin, Isurus paucus, is not found in our waters in the NorthEastern United States. It is found farther offshore in the Gulf Stream and on down to the Caribbean. The longfin mako is a protected species, and is rarely encountered by anglers. It stays well off-shore, and they are not as plentiful as the shortfin. The longfin mako can be differentiated from the shortfin by its long swept back pectoral fins-hence its common name, “longfin”. Otherwise the teeth, and the body appearance are just like a shortfin. The longfin has a dark area under the lower jaw, and the area from the upper jaw to the snout will also be dark.
The shortfin mako, will have white in those areas above and below the mouth, and will have shorter pectoral fins. Both species are jumpers. The shortfin is excellent table fare the longfin is not.
When anglers use the word mako, they are in almost every case referring to the shortfin mako, Isurus oxyrinchus.
Typical Mako teeth are smooth edged, dagger like. Exceptionally large Makos, have teeth more wedge shaped, and less dagger like. The teeth in very large mako are somewhat similar in shape to those of a white shark. A white's teeth will have serrations, a mako's will not.
A running jumping mako is probably the best game fish in the world. Makos cause grief to anglers, by terrorizing crews with aerial acrobatics, by jumping into cockpits, injuring boatmen, or after being gaffed going berserk and breaking loose at boat side-or just deciding after being hooked to attack the boat. And when you think it is all over and they are finished, makos have come alive, after their apparent death – sometimes 4 hours later. This is a fish that can continue to fight back in the cockpit so always beware!!
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The captian hooks a mako about 5'.
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