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Lake Trout Details
Name: Lake Trout
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Salvelinus namaycush
Common Names: Togue, Forktail Trout, Great Lakes Trout, Grey Trout, Lake Char, Laker, Laker Trout, Mackinaw, Mackinaw Trout, Namaycush, Siscowet
Ideal Water Temp: 50 degrees but will venture into warmer tempatures
World Record: known to exceed 100 lbs
Description: http://www.landbigfish.com/fish/fish.cfm?ID=118

Since last months issue of the NH fishing and hunting newspaper "Hawkeye", Nubanusit Lake in Hancock/Nelson NH has gotten a lot of fishing pressure due to the huge Lake Trout being held by a NH fish and Game officer in the picture at the top of the front page. Well, it paid off for Wayne Verill Jr. of Meredith, NH who caught that very fish through the ice on January 16th. The official weight was 24.08 pounds, with a girth of 21 3/4 inches and an overall length of 39 inches. The Laker was caught around noon, using a white Bucktail jig, 24 feet down. Wayne saw the trout suspended on his Vexilar, lowered his jig to the fish and was able to get it to hit. It took about a 1/2 hour to land the big Laker through the ice. The least colorful of the trouts, lakers are light green or grey, dark green, brown or almost black with irregular, lighter colored spots. They have a light underside leading edges of pectoral, pelvic, and anal fins that are reddish-orange with a narrow whitish margin. During the fall spawning season, the fins near the tail become a pale orange.

-Massachusetts State Record is 24 lbs 0 oz caught by Michael Sienkiewicz in 2004 at Wachusett Reservoir
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Lake trout from Wachusett Reservoir Lake trout from Wachusett Reservoir
My first lake trout caught from the shore of the Wachusett Reservoir.
Added by classy_bass
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   Lakers! Lakers!
Added by nefisherman92 from the trip entitled My first Lakers and Salmon!
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Farewell to the Chu. Farewell to the Chu.
raw and rainy
Added by muskiebigfish from the trip entitled Muskie Adventure Tours "Farewell to the Chu."

   Smallies Chu and Lakers Won Smallies Chu and Lakers Won
This never get's old
Added by muskiebigfish from the trip entitled Smallies Chu and Lakers Won hahahahaha

First Laker First Laker
Added by tomp from the trip entitled First laker at the Chu!
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   spring lake spring lake
Added by sharryon12
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