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Name:Lack of fish report lately...
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Details:Sorry for lacking fishless report for over five month already. I was super focus into my Bachelor degree and yes, I am in my last semester now. :D

I have been going out fishing five times in past five month. Really extremely un-normal for me to do that. I am tend to be on the water for 25 out of 28-30 days in an month. But at two trips at end of March, was fishing with bassturds. Only one fish to show for it. Oh yeah, it is a pink medusa!

Then on first weekend of April, I went to NJ for visiting my friend for his special event. Anyway, I managed to sneak out to fish in NJ for few hours with him since it was trout season opener on same day when I was fishing. He made bet with me that I have to catch all of fish on barbie rod since I'm too good fisherman to use a real rod/reel. So, I took the bet. End up, I still out-fished him by alot. We got our limit for trouts and released lot of trouts.

Last two trips at recently weekend, I really needed to take break from school's stress. So, I went to my honey hole as usual. Met one of my friend who taught me how to fish for trouts. He still out-fish me. Then he taught me another tricks on how to catch bigger trout instead smaller ones. Impressive to say, I landed my personal best 13.11 pounds steelhead with him. That is only fish that I caught for the day. Next day, I went back out again, landed 25 steelheads out of 31 bites. But only this time, I was using Barbie rod for half of those catches. I caught few steelhead that was bend lips. It was beautiful sight. Then I decided to use barbie rod and still able to caught biggest steelhead on barbie rod, in which, it is surprised me that rod is not broken yet with 6 pounds line! Barbie rod landed 10.10 pounds steelhead.

In the end, I still wish I could be on the water at right now. But I can't due to school. Only one month left before you will have see me to post-bombed you all for rest of my life! No more school conflict or going out of state! Oh yeah, fish fear me now! Im really exciting about no more of conflicting or anything to prevent me to go fishing except job. I got good feeling for this year... Probably gunning for AOY again. Except one guy told me that he already had 13 species so far. So, pretty much, I'm hunt you down, baby! Whoo!

p.s. Keep fishing and I'm really super super jealous of you guys to fish RES/CHU and fishing for larry at this month! I was like mouth watering on your fish pictures! Even I don't have time to post or talking to anyone on here. So, don't feel bad about it. I am still remember you all!

BTW, my four pictures is not shown in first six pictures on here. those four picture is beast! unlike first six pictures that I posted.
Location:MA / NJ / NY
Trip Date:3/17/2014 - 4/26/2014
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User Discussion:
You sir are a fishing machine!
04/29/14 12:29 PM

Good God man! Next you'll be using a Popeil Pocket Fisherman.
04/29/14 12:13 PM


i gota practice my photography skill!!!!

LETS SLAY EM!!!!!!!!
04/29/14 11:39 AM

Way to go Marc u r legend!
04/29/14 09:08 AM

Haha, sure! Bring it on!

04/29/14 08:39 AM

Aquaman vs Muskiebigfish

I'm not scared!!!!!!!!!

04/29/14 07:59 AM

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