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Name:July 4th in NH
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Details:Spent a week in NH on Paugus Bay in Winnipesaukee with thw mrs. and the kid and of course I brought my fishing rods and tackle. We got up there around 2pm pm the 3rd and alsmot as soon as we were unpacked I grabbed my gear and the girls. We were out on the water around 3pm on the canoe we had there. Tied on a 1/4 white promo spinnerbait. Found a nice area and started fishing. Maybe 5 casts into it I get a nice hit. After a nice battle with the fish and waves (almost crashing into a bunch of rocks), I was able to pull out a nice Largemouth had to be around 3-4 lbs. At this point I was pissed I didn't bring my scale with me, it was sitting on shore for some reason. I was pumped and pissed at the same time. Would have loved to know what this girl weighed. I'll tell after this catch I didn't hook anything else till about monday or tuesday. It seemed to be way to hot for the Big fish to be close to shore and having I conoe I didn't feel like going to deep in the waters, especially with the kid on board. after tuesday I hadn't fished till thursday night when the sun was going down. Fished a rocky area by a beach. Low and behold I hook my first smallmouth bass EVER on a Gary Yamamoto 4 inch Gold Kinami Flash. Again didn't have my scale with me. Was maybe about 1 1/2 lbs or so. when that night was done I hooked 3 smallies. The first being the biggest and the 2 others were very small (not even a pound). At this point in the trip I kept saying where are all the Largemouth Bass.
So now on Friday the last night I was there. I decided to go out one last time to search for Largemouth. I get out on the water around 5ish. Kept switching from spinnerbaits to the Yamamoto bait. while I had the Yamamoto bait on a hooked a nice pickerel that I wish I got a pic of. So after about 2 hours of fishing that day I was pretty disappointed about the days catch and headed in to eat dinner. So then after a nice break I was ready to go again. Where I was staying was on Pickerel Bay that lead into Paugus Bay under Scenic Railroad train tracks. So I get just outside the tunnel under the tracks, put on the 4" Yamamoto on one rod and casted out a 1/4 oz spinnerbait on another rod. Trying to double my chances of landing these elusive Largemouths. Got maybe 15 feet for the tunnel and casted just outside it with the Plastic. I decided to let it sit as I was realing in the other rod and BAM! I alsmot loose my rod with plastic on it, but was able to save it. So now the fight was on. This Largemouth was giving me a great fight and mind you that my rod was getting real low on line. So when the fish decided to run he almost took all my line. Was very worried I would loose this fish. The rod bending and bending a whole lot more. The Fish jumped out of the water about 10 feet from me and from that point I saw the fish and knew I had a potential lunker if I could land it. It seemed every time I got this fish near the boat he would run a littl bit more and keep fighting. So after a little while I finally got hime into my net and was pumped. Just by looking at this fish I knew he was my personal best to date. So Again I didn't have my scale it was left on shore. this time I was not to be denied a weighing. So I emptied the cooler I had with me and filled it with water and put this girl in there and rush back to shore to take pics and get the scale. SO after taking some pics and yelling and screaming with joy, I finally got the scale and hooked it on. I could not believe my eyes. I was thinking maybe 5lbs or 5 1/2. It was just over 6 1/2 lbs. I couldn't belive it. Even had a neighbor who say me holding this fish bring over his scale and it said the same. What a way to cap off a great vacation. Wish I could have stayed up there. I am still pumped.
Location:Lake Winnipesaukee, Paugus Bay
Trip Date:7/3/2010 - 7/10/2010
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