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ice fishing on cape Details
Name:ice fishing on cape
Created By:basshunter93
Details:me and a couple of buddies set out to do some ice fishing out in sandwich from 6 am to 6 pm it was a good all day fishing adventurer. we set out traps for trout and salmon while we were waiting for the traps we past the time by jigging up some perch. we caught maybe 2 trout before the next flag went off when we got there the line was screaming off the spool. my buddy reach down pulled the trap out of the water and set the hook it looked just like a little bigger trout but then it turned and ran. then my buddy called out its a big fish the other guys ran over and the battle was on it must have been close to a 5 minute battle between my buddy and the the fish the whole time we were all staring down the hole looking to see color he finally gets him close all we see is a dark back silver and black spots! Salmon!! he gets his up and its a 10 pound fat female! then my other buddies tip up goes off he runs over and hes on a big fish to another salmon but his ended up breaking off right at the hole. but maybe about half hour later a tip up goes off and we get over there not spinning or anything but there was some line that had been pulled out there as my buddy was pulling the line in there was weight another salmon! we were all shocked because we had that trap set down 27 feet when the depth was 30. but the traps went quit for a while and out of no were my buddy was jigging out in 40 feet of water and he hooked up with another big fish he was fighting the fish for an easy 10 minutes on 4 pound test finally got the upper had and pulled a beautifully 7 pound salmon through the hole that was the last of the salmon action but had a lot of fun pulling perch after perch through the ice!!
Trip Date:1/29/2013
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User Discussion:
Great day... beautiful fish!
02/03/13 12:54 AM

yea sadly it was the last day of safe ice which was 3 days ago =( but its looking good for the next week or so, so it should be back soon hopefully!
02/01/13 07:30 PM

That ice must be loooong gone!
02/01/13 07:10 PM

yea its crazy ive fished that pond well over a dozen times right after they stocked it and that day was the only time ive seen them they only stocked it with 25 fish and i knew that at least 15 of them had been taken by different people so we were really surprised with how many salmon we caught
02/01/13 06:53 PM

I'm still struggling to get my first salmon haven't had a hit yet!
02/01/13 06:28 PM

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