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Details:Today I got out of work early and after reading the writing on the wall, I headed out West. Home of Beaver Fever. I met up with Damon at his house. The plan was to take his boat to one of his favorite ponds. After about 15 minutes of driving we stopped at the side of the road. Damon removed my blind fold and my first question was where do we launch. After some fancy trailer driving the boat was in the water. Only an experienced driver would be able to do this so I'm not sure why I was blind folded.
As always I planned on crankin and jiggin. Damon's a swimbait kind of guy and he doesn't discriminate when it comes to size. I think he used that machine from "Honey I shrunk the kids" and miniaturized a white swimbait. Microbait.
Whenever I'm on somebody else's pond I just say lead on and I'll follow. We started off in a back cove that was loaded with wood (huh huh) and fish. We could see bait fish everywhere and bass cruising. Damon picked of a couple of dinks. We did see a big girl zipping around. We either spooked her or she was all horny. Water temps were getting in that range. 53 I think.
We headed back out to the main lake where the wind had kicked up pretty good. It seemed that they were relating to wood and there were lay downs everywhere. Damon was catching 1-1 1/2 pounders at a pretty good clip with the mini swimmer. My first bite on the KVD 1.5 was a sunfish. Damon grabbed a pickerel and then had some kind of relationship with it on the front deck. I had to delete the video because it seemed inappropriate for most viewers. Unfortunately that memory is etched in my brain forever. Thanks Damon, I'll never see pickerel in the same light ever again. After the Pickerel fiasco we came up on a giant snapper and of course Damon wants a piece of him too so he grabs it by the tail and pulls it up onto the side of the boat. The thing was huge and pissed of. That dude's a little touched.
Moving on. We're hitting the wood. I get on the board with a pick and refuse to treat him nice. A quick hook removal and back in. After what seems forever I finally grab a bass on a small bomber splatterback square bill. He weighs about a pound and has a broken jaw. Poor guy.
On our way back to the launch the shoreline was just littered with downed trees and deep water. I cast my favorite square bill of all. It's an xcalibur sexy shad about the same size as a KVD 1.5 (always change the hooks). I cast that thing right along the trunk of a tree and knock it off all the branches coming back. Wham!!! A nice fish slams it and I give it the old Hollywood Hookset. I get him up to the boat, Damon nets him and I get a weight. 3.9 on my digital scale. This makes me feel better. Next cast. Next tree. Next fish. Wham. Back to back casts and I pick up maybe a 2 pounder. Damon grabs a couple more of the cookiecutter fish and I get a big old perch to end my day.
This was another classic example of two guys who met on Maff getting together to hang out, enjoy each others company, maybe learn something new (I always do when I talk to Damon. The guys like a fricken encyclopedia). And most importantly we had fun fishing.
Location:Lake D
Trip Date:4/17/2013
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I wasn't fast enough with the camera. Damon saw the turtle on the surface, pulled up beside it and grabbed it by the tail as it tried to dive and then pulled it up on the side of the boat
04/19/13 09:17 AM

i wanna see how you caught the snapper!
04/19/13 08:44 AM

i wanna see the "pickerel video" lmao!!!!
04/18/13 11:03 PM

Lol Zack. I kept calling him my guide
04/18/13 10:37 PM

" and the only prescription is more cowbell ! " lol you said you got a fevah so i had to finish the scentance for you.
04/18/13 07:10 PM

where do i start? you said wood, big horny girl, and trunk.
04/18/13 05:27 PM

Oh ya. I prefer to admire them from a distance. For sure.
04/18/13 01:37 PM

he seems to be the right guy riding shotgun in basrah

who defuq grabs a snapper at the tails just to piss it off a bit more

04/18/13 01:24 PM

Ha, I wasn't saying you abused him! Just from the read you were all like "I'm having no part of it "..they just want love man..
04/18/13 01:23 PM

There was no turtle abuse in the making of this trip. Just grabbed him, took a 10 second vid and released him.
04/18/13 01:22 PM

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