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Hmm?should I even be here ? Details
Name:Hmm?should I even be here ?
Created By:riverrat82
Details: I found a new spot on google earth not too far from the house and had some time this morning(every other friday off F'N rules! so --"let's check it out"
First of all-if this place turns out to be legit to fish, I'd say I'm going to be hittin' it more often in the future.The problem is, there were some outdated signs for no trespassing--but it's listed on MAFF so I took it as ok-
FOR SURE-tons of bite action-seems like the fish were hitting heavily-probably because it's rarely ever been fished--- as it is a pubic res. with ZERO POPULATION!
first 10 minutes or so,I settled in to my routine,tying s*** off ect...I ALWAYS run a 1minute "conditions" video and I smoke. . . so @ least one last BUTT before I send this thing out there. I couldn't help but notice the sounds of nature...and living in Worcester ---you can imagine I NEED TO FISH if anything,just for this reason ! nibble nibble nibble BOOM-my personal best for the season---hit it and ran and came out off the surface twice--where's my camera man right now?
I ended up with about a half dozen or so on and lost 'em not paying attention---One of which I KNOW was as big as this guy 'cause I got a look at him as he came up--just as I was looking back over my shoulder---I got distracted by someone slammin' a car door up by my truck(out of my eyesight) And paranoia started settin in--- thinkin' "Well my first year back 'inland' why not give the game warden up the hill here my s*** right now and call it a career right?"Turns out it was probably just a local bonin' his ol' lady 'cause when I got back up the hill the silver car was gone...All In All it was just GREAT to get out there alone and just be---2011's largest LARRY was. . .of course. . . An EXCELLENT BONUS! Thank You Poseidon
Trip Date:9/9/2011
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. FAT ASSED LARRY Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:1
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Largemouth Bass
Fish Length (Avg):18 inches
Fish Length (Max):18 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):2 lbs. 8 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):2 lbs. 8 oz.
Bait Type:Worm
Bait Details:Gary Yamamoto™®
5inch Watermelon/Lemon
The lighting changes ALOT from summer to Autumn--So I tried something new
Location Details:
# of Photos:3
# of Fish Caught:1
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User Discussion:
I'm way behind on 'inland' gear so I straight up stole the idea to measure 'em from Johnny Boudreau from here on MAFF--thanks buddy 'ppreciate the tip
09/09/11 01:29 PM

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