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HammerDoc's BBQ'd Catfish Recipe for Catfish

Title: HammerDoc's BBQ'd Catfish
by hammerdoc
Type: Entree
Servings: varies
Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time: ~20 min (less for gas grills)
Cook Time: varies with thickness of filets
Ingredients: flour
chili powder
Directions: Combine flour and chili powder to taste. I tend to favor 2:3 ratio of chili powder:flour, but I like spicy stuff. Add salt and pepper to taste Shake fish in a ziplock bag with the powder mixture.

Grill over medium to medium-high heat until firm, but still juicy. Try to limit turning to one time--the more you turn fish the more pieces you get!

I strongly recommend adding damp fruit wood (such as apple) to the coals for smoke.

Alternately, I've been meaning to try this recipe cooking the fish on a cedar plank, but haven't yet managed to accomplish this.
Other Notes: The beauty of this recipe is the flour coating and the high fat-content of catfish. As the fish's own fat cooks out, the flour catches some of it for a VERY lightly fried consistency, yet you get all the wonderful flavor of smoke from the open fire--it's the best of both worlds!
Date Added: 09/25/08 05:21 PM

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