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Hamilton Res. Route9 POWERLOOP Details
Name:Hamilton Res. Route9 POWERLOOP
Created By:riverrat82
Details:let me start by saying we got skunked everywhere we went.So if you're only interested in 'the fish story'and the trophy photoz™ click1* now and call it a day.But,if you want conditionz,detailz,& our scouting reportz STAY TUNED!
we arrived at Hamilton Res. in holland @ 8am on the dot(by design) Quickly discovered 2 things.1 "you" need a boat. 2.This place is HARDLY a reservoir."They" can call it that,but,I'd say it was close to 90% populated on the water line and that which is "public" is STILL FREAKING PRIVATE! or by invitation or whatever.
we kicked rocks up to White's landing on 148 for a bit. . .place was great to us 2 weeks ago.Place was craft quiet,but,for anyone who's been there during the day...there's no cover and it was BLAZIN' this day.
We kicked up rocks AGAIN at 10am--shot over to the "67" landing on the Quaboag River...let me just say A GREAT small craft launch with enormous possiblities for fisherman.While we were so close we took some mental notes on Wickagoag Lake And moved further down 67 in hopes of some more river exposure.( I don't think we went far enough,we turned back toward rt9 in warren and headed back.
we eventually sold out to our local "chestnut" Champeaux Rd.(fishing area) on 148.Turns out after a little more walking around that area that there's quite a nice fishing area on the side of the park we hadn't even explored yet the previous 3 times we were there...and for sure now they'll be a fifth or more times now that we know what we know.
this trip ended at 3pm on the dot.My team-mate works 3rd shift the night before some of these tripz and should be given props for even being able to pull that S**T off every time he does it. Way t' go Bri-Man! ! !
Sorry no fish...but I hope some of our info and pictures help you all out.
Trip Date:7/17/2011
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ya gotta love it when you call someone's CLEARLY AWFUL MISTREATMENT of the right to a massachusetts state fisheries lisc into question and they trash your trips like a 12 year old.. . .12 year olds don't need a fishing liscence do they ? hahahahahaaaaaa I can be such a jackazz sometimez
and by the way---jesse is it...I'm a map maker guy..ya never know I might even still help you too...'cause i'm a GOOD freakin' guy like that . . .

08/08/11 07:39 PM

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