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grilled steel Recipe for Steelhead

Title: grilled steel
by jimvision
Type: Entree
Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Directions: Steelhead Trout Grilling Instructions

So you have a steelhead fillet. Maybe you bought it, caught it, or perhaps a real nice guy shared his success with you.
If frozen, thaw 1 to 2 days in your refrigerator.
Place fillet skin side down in a large dish. A cookie sheet works well.
Handle carefully as the fillet will be slippery.
Get out a saucer, a paring knife and a lime.
Roll the lime between the palms of your hands to loosen juices.
Slice lime thinly on the saucer and pour the juice that collects in the saucer, on the fillet. Set aside the slices.
Lightly pepper fillet.
Open bottle of Lea&Perrins Marinade for Chicken Blended with White Wine & Herbs.
(Formerly known as White Wine Worchester Sauce)
Pour and cover fillet surface with the sauce.
If using a charcoal grill, go and get it fired up.
If using a gas grill, wait 20 to 30 minutes.
When your grill fire is nice and hot, place fillet skin side down and lay the lime slices on the fillet.
If smoky flavor is desired, add apple wood chips to the coals before placing fillet on the grill.
Placing on and removing from grill is best performed by 2 people. One should hold the cookie sheet/platter, while the grill operator uses 2 spatulas to support the weight of the fish.
Occasionally work your spatula underneath fillet to prevent sticking to grill.
Grilling times can vary, but will be shorter than you might think.
Pay attention. Donít overcook.
Fillet is done when the flesh turns white in color.
Remove from grill. Discard lime slices. Add your favorite sides and drink.

The tail section is boneless, but the rest will have a few small bones. Use your fork to flake the meat off the skin and look!
Other Notes: One side of an 8-10 lb steelie feeds the wife and I 3 times. Once off the grill, a second time heated up and a third time made into fish patties.
Date Added: 07/26/08 02:05 PM

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