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Father day! Monster Largemouth bass fishing Details
Name:Father day! Monster Largemouth bass fishing
Created By:deaffisherman
Details:On my father day, I promised my dad to go fishing with me because he hasn’t had a time to fish with me after 6-8 years now. I kept remind him to go fishing. We went to our old favorite spot that hold some monster largemouth bass. So, we fished out of canoe. We were fishing at pads! My dad hated it. I taught him how to fish properly at pads and let him to borrow my rod that for pads fishing. It was not after 5-10 minutes that my dad was finally pick up the tricks of catching bass. We was loaded with 3/4/5/6 lbs bass! Probably over 50 bass between my dad and I. But nothing beat the feeling that my dad got to witnessed me to land pinfish largemouth bass! It was unreal! It was jumping around like crazy over the pads and it wasn’t that first rodeo for that bass! That bass knew how to escape or unhook it. But lucky, I was carefully controlled it and landed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO BABY!!!!! Sorry to swimbait fans! It was caught on weightless fluke! My dad never caught or saw bass that big in front of him anywhere in his lifetime. He was truly impressed how big it was. It was looked like post-spawn bass. Because belly was almost skinny! I was rushed to my house to get my phone to taking pictures then went to baitshop for weigh it in! Then hurried to release same place! (Please no comments about it.) That bass was alive and swim for another day for new angler to catch it.

It was 23 inch long with 15 inch girth. 7.8 lbs! That bass’s mouth could fit both of my hands! I took gopro picture of it! You can see how big it was! Enjoy it!

p.s. no, I will not post pictures of all bass under 6 pounds because that place is already overpopulation of fishermen's abuse. So, Sorry guys! Only big one wins!
Location:Plymouth Harbor Strike again!
Trip Date:6/21/2014
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