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Dirty Bassassin's 2 day fish-a-thon Details
Name:Dirty Bassassin's 2 day fish-a-thon
Created By:shawneramone
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Details:Sam and I took some vacation time and made plans to fish on Friday. Sometime during the week the plans he had with someone else for Saturday fell through so he asked if I wanted to fish Saturday too. I never say no to fishing. On Friday we planned to hit a couple of ponds in Plymouth. We decided to make it an all day trip. One thing we have in common is the definition of fishing all day. We met at 5:30am and I got home about 8:30pm. During that time we hit a secluded pond where Sam caught his biggest fish of the 2 days. A 5.10 Beast that I would have bet was 6 lbs when I netted him. He got that flipping shoreline brush. My most productive bait there was a crankbait but I also got a couple on the buzzbait. Around 12:30 we decided to make a move. We went to a pond that Sam says gets pounded. Little Long Pond. I'm pretty sure that's the name. Shallow and crystal clear. We pounded the shoreline brush. Sam was more productive than me catching the most and heaviest fish that we estimate at 4 pounds. I only had 2 fish and vote to pave it.

Day 2. Saturday.

Well Saturdays weather couldn't have been any better for a buzzbait freak like me. Cloudy with a chance of rain and a slight breeze. Well the breeze was off and on but the bite wasn't. I got the first fish of the day on a crankbait and then Sam got a few punching grass. It looked like the place was treated for weeds recently as we had a hard time locating green mats. We were picking off fish here and there on the buzzbait and Sam with the frog but couldn't really come up with a pattern. It was too random. Until we found a cove with a little bit of current, green grass and clearer water. Bam!!! The buzzbait was getting killed. Sam was walking the frog and they were crushing it. I got the big fish of the day when a 5 pounder completely came out of the water from the side on my buzzbait. One of the most violent bass strikes I had ever seen. We caught a bunch of fish in this cove with some 3's and a 4 to go with the 5. After we totally pounded every inch of that place it was time to start heading out. I kept buzzing and Sam was switching between the buzzbait and the frog. At one point he had a 3 pounder totally come out of the water and crush his buzzer. If I hadn't already seen the 5 pounder do that I' call it the most violent strike I ever saw. It was awesome.

All in all we caught a ton of fish. I'm sorry I can't name spots due to privacy issues but I hope you enjoyed the tale.

Edit: We keyed in on a few things on Saturday. the first was that the water was low by about 1.5' which made a big difference in a relatively shallow place. There were almost no fish on the bank. The pads didn't look healthy either. Everything was pretty much offshore.

Another thing was that the fish were higher up in the water column right under the weed mat surface instead of buried at the bottom. So if the fish in the mats didn't hit it immediately on the fall, you had to lift it to the top of the mat and shake it or slightly jig it and they grabbed it.

This was good for the buzzbait and frog too since they didn't have to come up very far to hit them.
Location:Multiple ponds
Trip Date:8/30/2013 - 8/31/2013
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User Discussion:
and palm trees and topless hula girls :) (but then I wouldn't be fishing)
09/02/13 07:59 AM

remote locations with sand dunes are cool
09/02/13 06:37 AM

Excellent point!
09/01/13 10:43 PM

i love it b/c i can hit the ponds that NO BIG BOATS CAN GET INTO + NO GAS MOTORS = numbers and big fish
09/01/13 09:47 PM

So in this case size matters, only smaller is better, d'oh!
09/01/13 07:39 PM

I've grown to love the Dirty Water. I was afraid I'd be to cramped up. It's not my luxury deck but it's cool
09/01/13 07:34 PM

As dirtywater. Can't get a big boat in these places.
09/01/13 05:37 PM

Whose boat did you two knuckleheads use? The S.S. Bassassins or the S.S. Dirtywater?
09/01/13 04:03 PM

Nice write up, nice 2 day trip!
09/01/13 03:09 PM

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