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did someone said TUNA?!?!? Details
Name:did someone said TUNA?!?!?
Created By:deaffisherman
Details:I went to work on charter boat last weekend. Friday to Sunday. Friday went to stripers fishing. our customers caught their limits.

On saturday, customers reserved two days of fishing has been cancelled in the morning. So, my captain still want to go fishing. We decided to go search where stripers are holding around. Somehow, I spotted Bluefin tuna breaking surface. Feeding on something. I told my captain, TUNAAA!!! He said no way. then tuna jumped out of water right plain of view of him. He got surprised and yelled me to pull tuna rods! I did! Trolling for that area next three hours with no actions. Captain heard lot talking on radio at nearby where we fish. we move few miles away. Captain let me to drive the boat and I did. made snake pattern while trolling. Boom! it was light hit but hook up! I quickly reel all rods back in then fought the tuna. I yelled my captain, he was sleeping. He woke up and grabbed harpoon! After spot the tuna size, he quickly thrown harpoon! BINGO!! we got him! we went home early!

On Sunday, another boat asked me to join them for tuna trip. So I can help them. My captain said go ahead because I need a break! So, I went to another boat to fish tuna. First line out. tuna smack it! This boat's first mate made mistake by put 40lbs drag on while tuna made run.. yep, not like 5 second later, line snapped. He got mad. He said it is exactly same situation like last year. I reeled to check the line.. I figured out why tuna was able to snapped line. It was cut by where this guy clamp his line to attach the leader. (I told him that he supposed to tied it, not clamp it. Thats why all pressure was go on this clamp area to break.) 250lbs mono line. He said no no, it worked fine for me at few years. Until last year. I told him, change it orwise you will lose another tuna. He decided to ignore my helpful tip. still trolling for halfway day. until we made turn back to home. I told him to keep trolling for next three miles. He said ok. Almost three mile in, last rod fires. Same result. line snapped with only 25lbs of drag. I told this captain that is prove my theory that is the reason why tuna was able to break off easily. He got mad and went home.

To sum it up my weekend, it was definitely long and relaxing weekend. Im happy to just land one.. But wishful dream to land all three tunas.
Location:Plymouth Harbor Strike again!
Trip Date:7/18/2015
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User Discussion:
A proper crimp Is almost %100 line strength there's just no matching that with a knot. And unless your tying a Bimini twist or something like that there's no way your getting a good knot on 250 pound mono or even 100 pound mono.
07/22/15 04:04 PM

yea you crimp everything. good luck tying a knot at such heavy line.

i hate tying knots on big line. i feel my knots arent strong enough and dont cinch well.
07/21/15 09:08 AM

Hell no. I refused to clamp on mono (main line) (if it was on leader.. sure) Two line snapped on where clamp was on. Clean cut. not chaffed.

While my tuna that I caught. I tied that mono. work flawlessly.

Well, like I said, its my theory. While you can clamp yours. While I dont want to. I felt it was weakness link on equipment.
07/20/15 09:33 PM

07/20/15 08:15 PM

Great job! Nice fish. But you definitely do not tie 250 pound mono always crimp anything over 80 pounds.
07/20/15 07:54 PM

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