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Daves Fish Bites Recipe for Sunfish

Title: Daves Fish Bites
by dave_b
Type: Appetizer
Difficulty: Easy
Prep Time:
Cook Time:
Ingredients: Several Perch - Roaster Type pan and steaming basket - A batch of Daves Fish Batter ( 1 cup pancake mix "the kind you just add water to"- 1/3 cup cornmeal -2 tsp lemmon juice -1tsp salt - pepper to taste- add milk to desired consistency) - Deep fryer with oil (peanut oil is my favorite oil)
Directions: Scale and clean all Perch just as you would if you were going to fry them.
Place the fish in a steam basket with as much of the fish exposed as possible. I fold the side meat out and sort of stand the fish up on it's belly.
Steam the fish untill they are well done. The meat will flake right off the bone when it's done.
Take a fork and flake all the meat into a bowl. This will litterally get almost 100% of the fish and leave the bones stripped and in tact.
With a bowl of my batter made up stir the fish meat into the batter. Make sure you mix the batter kind of thick like you would for hush puppies Mix the fish and batter real good then drop spoonfulls (Teaspoon size) blobs (like hush puppies again) into the boiling oil. When they float theyre done.
I try to keep my oil at about 300-325 degrees.
Other Notes: These things are great at outdoor fish frys or when on the river etc. They are a great finger type food. Don't be afraid to experiment and add your other favorite ingredients.
Kids and adults that usually don't care for fish will snatch these up in a hury. Make some hush puppies and toss in a tatter or two and you got a dandy fish fry.
I like to gnaw on these while I'm waiting for the big fish to cook due to the fact that these bites cook fast. Hope ya enjoy. Dave B
Date Added: 04/08/08 02:54 PM

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