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Creek Chubsucker Details
Name: Creek Chubsucker
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name:
Common Names:
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record:
Description: Description
Creek chubsuckers are a small species of sucker with a dark golden bronze colored back and upper sides with a light cream colored or white belly. The edges of their scales have dark margins giving them a cross hatched appearance over much of their body. They have a subterminal (downward facing) mouth and usually 9-10 dorsal rays. Adults have a series of 5-8 faint dark saddles over their back and on their upper sides. Below these along their sides they have a series of blotches which can be fused into a broad and usually faint stripe. Adult males have a hooked or falcate anal fin and when breeding they have three tubercles on each side of their snout. Young chubsuckers have a distinct black stripe down their side and are often mistaken as small minnows. They also have a black leading edge to their dorsal fin. The closely related lake chubsucker can be distinguished by having a closer to terminal (forward facing) mouth, usually 11 or 12 dorsal rays, and a slightly deeper body.
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don't know if this is it don't know if this is it
Someone tell me if it is?
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   False alarm False alarm
Quinnebaug River
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Creek chubsucker Creek chubsucker
First fish caught this year
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   Creek chubsucker Creek chubsucker
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