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Coldest, Worst Start Ever, But Fun and Worth It As Hell: 2 Bullies! Details
Name:Coldest, Worst Start Ever, But Fun and Worth It As Hell: 2 Bullies!
Created By:riderer123
Details:Its been a while since I wrote a goddamn good fishing tale:
So it all starts out in Southern RI and I love this spot and always have. I don't usually go alone but I was thinking it would be a crazy idea but a pretty good one to go solo. It is a 30 min. hike into the damp December 5th woods. With a 45lb kayak (all included items within it) makes it damn fun and a LOT of exercise.
Very bad start because I had tried to clear a small waterfall with my kayak (it was either that or walk over wet rocks with the kayak), yeah right! Thought it was a few inches of water and it turned out to be about 2 feet of mud and water and junk. Awesome, I said and swore a few times. Now that up to my knees was a ton of water and my shoes were filled with water and mud I decided to enter the water and put the past beginning of the trip behind me. I was really tired from carrying the kayak but proved to be good in the middle of the trip.
So I get out on the water and immediately saw that most of the pond was only about 2 or 3 feet at most, so I headed for the deepest (might be 15 deepest if your lucky). Thats obviously where the monsters would be I betcha. Boy was I right. Bullies they were.
The first bait I tried was a smaller brown jig with a 3 inch green grub trailer. I don't think bass here bite these as a bass was just staring at the thing like "WTF is that?!!", saw me and jetted off in nanoseconds.
My first bite was on a wacky worm 5 inch. BOOM! What the hell, I think I'm caught on a log here. (Which this place does not have many). NOT! It was a nice largemouth that the length was 20 inches and a fatty that was 4 pounds and 2 ounces big. Maybe not huge to you guys, but huge for me.... YES! I said. The fight wasn't much but it managed to pull some drag. Loved it. Got vid and couple pics.
Next was a 3 pound 11 ounce pickerel. OMG! The drag being pulled was SURELY going to snap my line. It was absolutely like having a trolling motor in back of me pulling me around crazy.
Awesome time! Sore though...
Location:Secret RI Spot #1
Trip Date:12/5/2011
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