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charles river waltham Details
Name:charles river waltham
Created By:skoda
Details:left at 1 am with a buddy from woerd ave boat ramp
we knew weather would suck all week end but what u gonna do - light drizzle all nite but it stopped as soon we were on the water - 62 F with heavy clouds - fished the lilipads and small channels and got some nice top water action with de frog - and got bass going for it non stop but have real problems hooking them up they bite and let go any tips for that ?

got cpl of 1-2 lbs but nothing worth taking a pic - when the sun came up arround 5 we started seeing lots of carp litterally sticking their haeds completely out the water to feed ( funny sight) so we hooked some wonderbread and strawberry pieces on - let me tell ya if you want to go for catfish use strawberry they go for it like craazy

got two nice carp that my buddy made into his delicious dinner - well hope so havent called him to see if hes still alive :)

arround 7 we heared thunder in the background and were thinking will it pass by ? but 5 mins later a big bang and some pretty close lightning told us to get the f@k of the water so we flew back to the boat ramp and barley had time to put boat on trailer when all hell broke loose and we had to hide in the car to not get fried on the ramp

well let me tell ya thunderstorm on the boat - no joke
Location:waltham woerd ave
Trip Date:6/25/2011
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