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Cattaraugus Creek
Name: Cattaraugus Creek
Acreage: -
Species: Smallmouth Bass
Rainbow Trout
Elevation: 1206'
Location Details: Cattaraugus Creek is a stream, approximately 68 miles (109 km) long, in western New York in the United States. Cattaraugus Creek offers over 34 miles of steelhead angling opportunities from Lake Erie to the Springville Dam. A portion of the stream and it's lower tributaries are on Seneca Nation of Indian Lands, so if you plan to fish there, you will need a license for the Reservation. The Cattaraugus is a large stream, averaging over 100 feet wide and varying from slow water near Lake Erie to boulder filled rapids in the scenic Zoar Valley Area upstream of Gowanda. Several tributaries to Cattaraugus Creek offer steelhead opportunities in a small stream setting. Some of these streams include; Clear Creek and it's North Branch, a short section of the S. Branch of Cattaraugus Creek, Derby Brook, Coon Brook, Spooner Brook, Waterman Brook and Utley Brook. Check for special fishing regulations on some of these waters.
Wiki Excerpt:Cattaraugus Creek is a stream, approximately 68 miles (109 km) long, in western New York in the United States. The creek drains a wooded rural portion of western New York southwest of Buffalo into Lake Erie. In its lower course it flows primarily through the Cattaraugus Reservation of the Seneca tribe. The word "Cattaraugus" means "foul-smelling river bank." This name is a result of the natural gas that oozes from the river mud.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattaraugus Creek
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Steelhead in Cattaraugus Creek generally average 3-6 pounds, but fish from 8-12 pounds are common so fairly heavy equipment is required. Spinning rods of 7'-9' in length, capable of casting 1/2 ounce lures and using 6-12 lb. test lines are needed. Fly rods from 8'-10' in length that handle 6-10 weight lines work well for landing these fish. It is estimated that about 30% of the steelhead on the Catt are wild or native fish. For these wild fish to survive they must have something to eat. Again the Catt fits the bill. It is a virtual bug factory. Turn over almost any rock in the river and a variety of nymphs will scurry away. The steelhead of the Catt gobble these abundant nymphs up like candy. A well presented stonefly nymph on the fly rod is hard to beat and is sure to bring explosive excitement.
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