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Carping at the Lake Round 2 Details
Name:Carping at the Lake Round 2
Created By:muskiebigfish
Details:Had an hour or so before the Pat's game yeasterday to do nothing, so I went down to Lake Quinsig and had my 3/0 hook turned into a PRETZEL.... I really thought it was my leader that snapped, I have gone back to lighter mono leaders for Carp, 12lb mono instead of the 15-17lb Flouro, Carp don't like that either. While tossing out my corn knee deep in the water, A rainbow trout swam bye me with a hook and line still in his mouth, quick as a Bear I snacthed that baby out with my bare hands. The people on the shore thought that was quite the trick, little did they know that in 5 minutes the main attraction would be swimming on thru. At 5 pm I had enough of nothing, put the First rod away then I hear that o so great sound, CLICK, off does my rod, line screaming at the speed of light, flip over the bail and away we go or should I say away I went, into the water hahahahahaha We did battle for about 5 mins, he came out of the water and we got to see all 3+feet of him what a beauty then the aweful sound of NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO RRRRRRRRRRRRRR Guess I should also say that they WILL straight out your hooks tooooooo Glad they are back in for their last run of the Fall. Plenty of Rainbows still being caught on Green Power Bait
Location:Lake Quinsig
Trip Date:10/21/2012
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. carping the Lake Round 2 Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:0
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Mirror Carp
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):0 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:
Bait Details:Corn lots of it
Location Details:windy windy windy
# of Photos:4
# of Fish Caught:0
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User Discussion:
i had 2 peeps in my boat two ankers dug in and a carp was able to pull all of this down the river for good 50 meters - they are strong and the battle with them beats all fish for me in freshwater - i switched from 100% bass to 60-70% carp just because of the sheer force and the battles
10/25/12 02:07 PM

trokars are awesome almost worth the money
10/22/12 09:47 PM

Well, we can use 2 rods, correct? 1 for Carp and 1 with that World Clas Jig of yours. They have Big everything down the Lake. We could talk about Ice Fishing hahahahaha all kidding aside
10/22/12 09:01 PM


Carp look fun to to catch,Always wanted to but never make the time.
Like Neil and Shawn would say id probably reel in the corn after 5 minutes and throw a jig. lol
10/22/12 06:06 PM

I will use a little thicker hook but still Tuff fish to fish for Corn and open bail hahahahahaha I cant even bend them hooks by hand Carp have a Bonie snout and a Tail to match thier Heads HUGE
10/22/12 01:43 PM

You can adjust the drag, what ever you do dont reel against the drag!!! (jay you know that) let the drag do its job

Second I dont know what type of hook that is but if its a Gamakatsu you could step it up to the EWG (extra wide gap) Superline version which is much thicker that the standard EWG or change hook brand I suggest Trokar EWG the cutting point on the hook is 3 a three side chemically sharpened point, its like a razor and near indestructible, Ive had the same Trokar on my flippingstick for months and its still razpr sharp
10/22/12 01:12 PM

i had the drag good and loose, just the Power of them Giants That is a first I have caught alot of 20+lbs
10/22/12 12:44 PM

Do hooks get straightened by shear power or can you adjust your drag lighter?
10/22/12 12:43 PM

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