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bubba and I Details
Name:bubba and I
Created By:rod
Details:Well bubba and i went to the lake, we got out there at about 12:30 and went to the bait shop to buy some minnows. Well we launched the boat at the Otoe boat ramp and headed east to Hell Creek, We thought that maybe we could get a walleye or two or maybe some striper. Well we fished with minnows and bobbers while casting bucktail jigs. well after about 2 hours without a single bite we decided to go elsewhere. well i went to the flats and we decided to pull some planer boards with live bait rigs baited with worms. well we pull the planer boards for about 30 minutes when my friend thought he had something on his pole but yet the board never released so after about 5 minutes i told him to check it, well he had a short 14" walley on. Well we continued to troll an area that i knew was good for walleye and after about another 30 minutes i caught a white bass. and then i got another one about 20 minutes after that, both fish were small so i released them. Well we continued to troll for awhile and continued to get bites but they were short hitting. Well i finally got a good hit on my pole so i set the hook and pulled up to the boat a real nice walleye, i told my buddy to get the net and he couldn't get it to me in time so as i reached for the fish it dropped off right as i was getting to grab it, so that is one fish that got away. i estimate it to be about an 18" walleye, well by this time we were out of worms and it was about 6pm so i took the boat to another area and we decided to fish it for about an hour and just throw some lures, I decided to throw a green power bait. Well it wasn't working for me and i also needed to fix my trolling motor so i did that for awhile. well i got it done and was just relaxing when i saw a fish jump near the shore so i decide to throw my bait in that direction. Well i let it sink for about 2 seconds and reeled in real slow for about 3 feet and i got the hit. It was a 22" 3 pound walleye. well this was the only keeper and so we decided to load up and come home.
Location:Wilson lake, Kansas
Trip Date:4/27/2013
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