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Blue Catfish Details
Name: Blue Catfish
Water Type: freshwater
Latin Name: Ictalurus furcatus
Common Names: Channel Cat, Humpback Blue
Ideal Water Temp:
World Record: 121 pounds 8 ounces
Description: Blue Catfish have a forked tail and are sometimes very similar to Channel Catfish and White Catfish. However, only the Rio Grande population has dark spots on the back and sides. The number of rays in the anal fin is typically 30-35, and coloration is usually slate blue on the back, shading to white on the belly.

The Blue Catfish pursues a varied diet, but it tends to eat fish earlier in life. Although invertebrates compose most of it's diet, Blue Catfish as small as 4 inches in length have been known to consume fish.

Blue Catfish are native to major rivers of the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi river basins. Their range also extends south through Texas and into Mexico.

Blue Catfish are primarily large river fish, occuring in main channels, tributaries, and impoundments of major river systems. They tend to move upstream in the summer in search of cooler temperatures, and downstream during winter to find warmer water.

Blue Catfish are the biggest of the Catfish in North America and commonly attain sizes of 20-40 pounds, and may reach weights well in excess of 100 pounds.
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Blue Cats Blue Cats
Added by roaminangler from the trip entitled Tennessee River Blue Cats
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   Added by shigbane

Huge Cats Huge Cats
Strip pit near Kinta, OK
Added by soonerfishing from the trip entitled Robber's Cave Tour

   20 lb and 5 lb Blue Catfish 20 lb and 5 lb Blue Catfish
On the Cumberland River by the Clarksville Fairgrounds
Added by trizzsssj

Test1 Test1
Basically we tight lined a carolina rig with medium large hooks. I cat a 10 inch bass on a spinner, a 16 inch carp on a worm, and some sunfish on worms with bobbers.
Added by kevjames04 from the trip entitled Fishin kirby

   Lake Record Blue Cat Lake Record Blue Cat
Darrell Wardlaw with his Percy Priest Lake Record, Blue Catfish. Weighing in at over 63 pounds, the big cat was released back into the lake after official certification.
Added by splitrailoutdoors
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