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Blackstone Carp where are you? or Winter Edition 2010 Details
Name:Blackstone Carp where are you? or Winter Edition 2010
Created By:bedlem
Details:We have been here, fishing a lot all through winter and producing some great carp through the cold season. With over 40 fish to banks this winter we have been fortunate to have some great action and sessions even in the coldest of days! I'd like to share a bit of the experience from our last outing Feb. 20th

Anyway, geared up for a fantastic day out on the banks with a friend this weekend, with temps hitting 40-45 F I was excited. We have had some mild temps and weather for the past week and it was finally time to get to fishing again!

I hit the banks around 7 am. got everything set and my friend Frank showed up round 730. By 8 we had all 4 rods in the water and were talking bout this and that. by 830, I had the first fish to the banks! much like the others it was a beautiful fish, sitting in the 6 pound range. Time rolled on and we started getting into em. Feeding this area all winter has really payed off. By noon or so I had about 4 to the banks, Frank had 1..all with an average of 8-10 pounds.

We hit a slow next few hours with no sign of carp.

Round 330 Frank got a big run, surprising for the time of year and exciting! this signaled a renew and by 5pm we had a total of 11 fish to banks! I have had an amazing winter, and I really didn't think things could get any better. We've been getting some really great fish, all in the 8-12 pound range, consistently and regularly.

We started packing everything up. Frank got a rod put away, I got a rod put away, Frank got a rod put away..I picked up my last rod and was just about to reel when line started darting off. Apparently I was in for one more fish.

It ran hard to the left toward an underwater tree and I thought, "Gawd no..I don't wanna end on a lost fish..." I worked the rod a bit and turned it's head just enough to swing it back toward the current. As it ran down river a bit I tried to get a feel of the fish...it felt nice, a bit heftier then the fish we had all day. It slowly turned back and started swimming up river again. It stayed low and headed from one point of cover to another over the next 15 minutes. It has been a long time since i had a fish this determined not to be caught. Around this time it started slowing, and I could feel the weight start to rise.

Slowly a small gold form appeared, then it grew..and grew...and grew till it was a big gold carp breaking the surface. A big smile crossed my face. Then i realized I could see my hook...and it was just inside the corner of the mouth, looking as though it would drop at any moment or wrong turn. Now my heart started skipping just a bit, I closed my eyes and asked any carp gods listening to take mercy and let the hook hold just a bit longer.

I tried to bring it in, ever so softly. It was tired yes, but it was also watching, waiting for the next chance. 1 minute passed and I couldn't gain much, 2 minutes...the tension built, round the third minute my friend Frank said screw it, stepped in about a foot of freezing water to bring the the net under the fish.

"Not letting that one get away" He said with wet feet and a smile.

Thanks Frank, I owe you one!

Check out the video here:


Location:Spillways at the Bend in the River
Trip Date:1/18/2010 - 2/20/2010
# of Hotspots:1
Hotspot Details: 1. Spillways Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:30
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Mirror Carp
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):9 lbs. 10 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):20 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:Other
Bait Details:Many things keep coming along for the ride. Sweet corn flavored various ways,
Feed corn heavy on molasses,
Dat food milk based with heavy seed/forage
Location Details:
# of Photos:35
# of Fish Caught:30
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