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Blackstone Carp : Fall Edition Details
Name:Blackstone Carp : Fall Edition
Created By:bedlem
Details:Our fall edition covers most of October and November. Our team has gotten into some great fish from both the M'mack and the Blackstone. With some real monsters coming in as of late. Many say the season is closing, I say you just need to change tactics a bit and wear more layers!

One of our latest ventures put me on the road by 4 am, which means I made great time heading to Haverhill since I was all but alone on the roads. I arrived well before anyone else and decided to use the time to scout around a bit. Our normal spot was still giving up great fish...but I felt..something.

I headed up the road a bit looking around for a reasonable looking area to head into the bush. Once I spotted what seemed like a nice section I found parking, hit on the head lamp and took off on foot. As i crossed the street, climbed over the rail and through the grass and trees, I came to a concrete walkway sitting above the water. I looked from left to right and thought, yes..this was it. Great access, still water moving silently out in front of me. I knelt down and stared at the river before and I knew..somewhere out there was what I was after.

I headed back to the car, text Simon and told him we were moving...apparently he hadn't left his house yet, so I decided to go grab some breakfast.

I got back and met up with Frank, and we chatted while we waited for Simon to show up. After we all arrived I told them of my plan, and we moved to the new location.

Everything started out well, we set up and got our poles in the water, an hour in and Simon's alarm went screaming...

He brought the pole up and his line was peeling off. After a minute ior so he gained control and began to move the fish where he wanted it. It would be a few minutes before it was ready for the net...I got the camera, took some photos, and film. Grabbed some coffee then the net. I saw a splash maybe 15 feet from shore and headed in that direction.

That is when I saw it. A flash of gold against the surface. A large carp, very large. I saw it flap a tail; larger then my hand and knew we had ourselves a fish here..

The next moments are always the worst for me. With large fish these close quarters battles can be tense as one wrong pull while they dart can snap line in a heart beat. I mean we are only using 12-15 pound test currently..and landing 20 pound fish on average.

Finally I saw it's head break the surface and I knew it was tired..I brought the net around under the beast and then it was done for. When I finally got it close enough to lift, I had to double take. This thing was big, well over 20 and quite possibly over 30.

We got it to the mat and we were all smiles, this was a fine looking fish and everyone was excited. Most of all Simon..especially after we got the scale on it and it was a new PB for him..sitting at an amazing 30 pounds and 7 ounces.

Anyway I won't ramble too much...

Please check out all the great footage from the past few months though..

Episode 19:

http://www.blackstonecarp.com/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=64&task=videodirectlink&id=61 part 1

http://www.blackstonecarp.com/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=64&task=videodirectlink&id=60 part 2

http://www.blackstonecarp.com/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid=64&task=videodirectlink&id=59 part 3

and the Official Fall edition

as well as trailer
Location:Haverhill and Uxbridge
Trip Date:10/11/2009 - 11/21/2009
# of Hotspots:2
Hotspot Details: 1. Blackstone Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:12
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Mirror Carp
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):8 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):15 lbs. 0 oz.
Bait Type:
Bait Details:Dat food (strawberry, Gold, scopex)
Pescaviva trout pellet and scopex
WCB Scopex Pop-ups
chick peas
Location Details:There are many great areas to fish the Blackstone. Look for deep holes amid the flowing river. Most of the bottom is silt/pebble.
2. M'Mack river Details: Hide
# of Fish Caught:61
Water Type:freshwater
Type of Fish:Common Carp
Fish Length (Avg):0 inches
Fish Length (Max):0 inches
Fish Weight (Avg):18 lbs. 0 oz.
Fish Weight (Max):30 lbs. 7 oz.
Bait Type:
Bait Details:Pescaviva trout/shrimp/scopex
Dat food scopex/cherry-choco-nut
WCB Scopex pop-ups
various Dat food Doughs
chickj peas
Sweet/spicy method mix
Location Details:So many fish in the Merrimack river. The fishing is tough, first to find them, then to deal with nature and snags and tides and you name it. The rewards are awesome to say the least.
# of Photos:120
# of Fish Caught:73
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