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Big bass and a bunch of kooks Details
Name:Big bass and a bunch of kooks
Created By:volume4130
Details:Fished a small pond that is basically a swamp this time of year. Thick weeds everywhere! It's hard to throw anything but a frog, so I started with that and picked off a few small bass. I found a few breaks in the weeds, so I decided to cast a spinnerbait in the open areas and burn it back. Caught one bass on the first cast, then a few more in the same general area, the biggest one just over 2 pounds. I paddled around to another open area in a little deeper, cast out the spinner, and it got crushed. A small battle ensued, with the bass diving into the weeds often, but never coming off the hook. I got it to the boat, along with about 20 pounds of weeds, and got it on the scale. It had a big head and a huge stomach, as it must have just ate, but it wasn't that long. Either way it tipped the scale at 5pounds 9ounces, and I just changed the batteries and rechecked the scale the day before. Good stuff!

The rest of the day I caught a few more bass, but nothing big. I spent most of my time observing probably the least intelligent people I've ever seen in my life. I see a group of 3 canoes put in, and they all have 5 gallon buckets in between the rowers. They then proceeded to b-line to about 20 feet away from where I was fishing. They started pulling weeds out of the water and filling the bucket. I figured maybe they were doing a pond study or something, so I just kept fishing. I cast a frog towards shore and one of the women looks up and says "look over there, its a snake!!" and the other woman says "oh yes, there are snakes in here" I'm sitting there thinking to myself, "you've got to be kidding me. Do you not see the 3 fishing poles I have hanging out of my kayak, including one that I've actively been casting next to you for the last 10 minutes?????"

Anyways...I paddled around them, and finally asked what they were doing. This is how the conversation happened:

me: "what are you guys doing with the weeds?"
them: "oh just taking them out and bringing them to shore."
me: "You're trying to clean all the weeds out of the pond?"
them: "yes, do you want to help?"
me: "Hahaha"

I had to get out of there, I'm not sure how they planned on cleaning out the weeds, which you can almost walk across, in a probably close to 50 acre pond with 6 people and a few buckets. I did not even want to know what the logic behind this plan was.

All in all, a good day. probably caught 10 bass, with one big guy, and had some good entertainment!
Trip Date:6/22/2014
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User Discussion:
Nah, that place is a virtual salad bowl. It would take a small army a month to even make a small and noticeable dent!
06/29/14 07:49 PM

Maybe those cleared areas where you caught your fish were actually created by them.
06/29/14 08:53 AM

At least they had good intentions. I thought you were gonna say they started taking all the fish. Good job on the pig.
06/28/14 11:38 AM

if they have the time, it should only take a few million buckets to clean that place out. I'm sure their long term goal is to use them same buckets to clean out all the fish as well.
06/28/14 11:09 AM

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